Aztec Skirt

DSCF2325 (2)

Finally I’m back from a long weekend trip up north! I was planning to publish at least one blog post before I left but the lazy Kat realized that there wasn’t enough time because I got work and I almost forgot I have an event to attend the night before and I still haven’t packed my stuff yet for the trip! Whew! Talk about panic packing!  Continue reading “Aztec Skirt”

Stripes and Denim

Black and white stripes, for me always goes well with anything especially with denim. It is both a must-have basic piece that automatically gives you that classic look especially when worn together. Continue reading “Stripes and Denim”

Tropical Cool


HI YOU GUYS!! I know I know I have been gone for almost about a month and a half now and I apologize about that. I was just so busy dealing with life, you know and with what’s happening around me lately. Honestly I was so uninspired in the last few weeks and I know it was not a good thing to start the new year but I’m trying to be as optimistic as I can like I used to and keeping all the negativity behind! I’m now trying to stand up, get my game going and just keep moving forward! I’m sorry to drag you into this but you know that feeling? If you do then you are not alone girl! We all have those moments but anyway, enough with my life issues, and more on the positive side shall we? hihi  Continue reading “Tropical Cool”

Sunday Stroll

sunday stroll

As to my outfit post for today, I’m sharing to you what I wore on a family day last Sunday. Since we will be attending mass on the afternoon, I decided to wear a church appropriate outfit, therefore, PANTS! lol I like this particular kind of pants because Continue reading “Sunday Stroll”