DECODE 2021 | The Philippines’ Largest Cybersecurity Conference

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed our perception of what a workplace is. Due to the many restrictions, many of us needed to adapt to working from home and using the digital space as our platform to work. This also applies not just for people like me who work in the IT industry but for everyone who are online. For most of us, that means using digital devices to connect to the cyberspace known as the internet. With this comes many responsibilities as well. One of these is taking care of our cybersecurity. This means securing our digital devices to be tamper-safe and secured from external malicious softwares such as malware. This is why I am excited to share to you the upcoming event this month, DECODE.

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A Look Inside AyalaMalls Central Bloc at Cebu IT Park

GUYS!! You have no idea how excited I am to finally have a mall that’s so close to my work!  Literally just 3 minutes away from our office! And also (high key) thankful that I am one of the few people to have a first look on what’s inside the new AyalaMalls Central Bloc here at the heart of Cebu IT Park!

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Electro Beach Festival vol. 13: Tokyo Drift Happening On October 12!

Ibiza Beach Club kicks off October with “Electro Beach Festival vol. 13: Tokyo Drift”

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