DIY: Mosaic Tile Box using used CDs


Hooray for another DIY project!! Well, I wish that I could keep this DIY project of mine but unfortunately I don’t </3 I actually made this for my little sister’s NSTP project. The concept was to make something useful mainly out of just recyclable materials. When she asked me for help (and since the project was due the next day, I repeat — THE NEXT DAY) Ideas are starting to pop out of my mind but until she suggested that her groupmates are willing to donate some of their old CDs and DVDs, I knew right then that i wanna make a mosaic out of it.

This wasn’t really my idea. I was inspired by a similar DIY over at Pinterest and I wanted to do my own version of it. Now lets start off with this project and I hope you guys will like it!!

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Tropical Cool


HI YOU GUYS!! I know I know I have been gone for almost about a month and a half now and I apologize about that. I was just so busy dealing with life, you know and with what’s happening around me lately. Honestly I was so uninspired in the last few weeks and I know it was not a good thing to start the new year but I’m trying to be as optimistic as I can like I used to and keeping all the negativity behind! I’m now trying to stand up, get my game going and just keep moving forward! I’m sorry to drag you into this but you know that feeling? If you do then you are not alone girl! We all have those moments but anyway, enough with my life issues, and more on the positive side shall we? hihi  Continue reading “Tropical Cool”

DIY : Mango Graham Parfait

First of all, I wanna greet all my readers A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! It is officially my first Christmas Day here on my blog! Weeee! So how was your Christmas eve last night? If you’re following me on Instagram (@keiseee) then you know that it is our 1st time to celebrate Christmas without our parents around.  Nevertheless, from cooking & preparing foods for Noche Buena to making yummy Mango float for desserts, I still had fun spending time with my siblings.

And speaking of desserts, since I had a few more extra ingredients from the mango float that I made last night, I decided to make an Parfait version of the mango float and called it “Mango Graham Parfait”!


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DIY : Wrapped Charger/USB cord


I am so happy and excited to share my first ever DIY project post with you guys! Those people/friends who are close to me know how obsessed I am with Do-It-Yourself projects. I like customizing my things and doing it myself because : Continue reading “DIY : Wrapped Charger/USB cord”