Holiday Gift Guide: A Pair of Havaianas

Havaianas Filipinas (3)

Christmas day is right around the corner and everyone is busy starting to buy gifts for their manito/manita, godchildren and to their love ones. To make it easier for you, as early as now I am sharing this series of Holiday Gift Guide to help you find that perfect Christmas gift. First up is a pair of Havaianas flip-flops! Weather a visiting relative, the fashion-savvy,  or for your godchildren, there’s always a Havaianas Pair for everyone! Continue reading “Holiday Gift Guide: A Pair of Havaianas”

Tropical Cool


HI YOU GUYS!! I know I know I have been gone for almost about a month and a half now and I apologize about that. I was just so busy dealing with life, you know and with what’s happening around me lately. Honestly I was so uninspired in the last few weeks and I know it was not a good thing to start the new year but I’m trying to be as optimistic as I can like I used to and keeping all the negativity behind! I’m now trying to stand up, get my game going and just keep moving forward! I’m sorry to drag you into this but you know that feeling? If you do then you are not alone girl! We all have those moments but anyway, enough with my life issues, and more on the positive side shall we? hihi  Continue reading “Tropical Cool”


???????????????????????Here’s an outfit post on what I wore last Sunday spent with boyfie but before that, you might be wondering why I keep spending so much time with him especially when going to the malls. Well not really. I mean, both of us are so busy with school on weekdays, yes, but we only have the weekends to really have a “date”. Not that I’m complaining though! 🙂  Also with the fact that both my parents are currently out of the country so Sundays are mostly spent with him. Yey! 😉  Continue reading “Northwing”