Tropical Cool


HI YOU GUYS!! I know I know I have been gone for almost about a month and a half now and I apologize about that. I was just so busy dealing with life, you know and with what’s happening around me lately. Honestly I was so uninspired in the last few weeks and I know it was not a good thing to start the new year but I’m trying to be as optimistic as I can like I used to and keeping all the negativity behind! I’m now trying to stand up, get my game going and just keep moving forward! I’m sorry to drag you into this but you know that feeling? If you do then you are not alone girl! We all have those moments but anyway, enough with my life issues, and more on the positive side shall we? hihi 


Hoorayy for new outfit post!! I so miss my blog and writing drafts at midnights and now i’m excited to share to you a new #OOTD that I wore on a casual weekend a few weeks back. The weather here in Cebu has been so unpredictable, it’ll be sunny in the morning and suddenly rain showers on the afternoon. So I opted for a casual look with this yellow full sleeve crochet top from Forever 21 to have that balance of warmth since its full sleeve and also that cool feeling because of the tiny holes in this top. Paired it with a denim shorts, cz I mean c’mon, you can never go wrong with denim right?


and yepp! This is not just your ordinary ripped denim shorts that everyone has but it has this lots and lots of studs going all over on the half side of the shorts which is (btw im very proud to say) made by yours truly! Isn’t it beautiful!? Okay I should stop flattering myself too much now. LOL Well if it seems familiar to you, I actually got inspired by this LA brand called Runwaydreamz. I have been following their instagram account for quite some time now and I just fell in love with their signature all studded vintage Levi’s shorts that I decided to recreate my own version! What do you guys think? I actually made this in preparation for #Sinulog2015 which I posted an aftermath photo on Instagram last month.


I actually feel so boho with this look, don’t you think? SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Top and inner : Forever 21 | Shorts: Customize by yours truly | Bag: Thrifted | An old belt | Flipflop : Havaianas

Oh and for those who didn’t know yet, I do have an online shop where I sell my creations of various shorts from tattered/ripped/studded/bleached/ombre designs and all other nice stuff from bags, tops, bikinis and everything else in between. If you wanna check it out its @allthingspretty_shop on Instagram. (LOL SHAMELESS PLUG THERE :)) Also if you want me to do a DIY post on how to tatter shorts or just about any DIY that might be helpful to you, pls don’t hesitate to comment it down below or email me at 🙂

And again, thanks for dropping by! 🙂

Love, Katrina :3

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