A Year Older Today

I can not believe 25 wonderful years has passed by already and now I’m officially on my first day of my 26th year of existence. Literally I am pass the quarter life! It’s insane just to think about it, don’t you think? Like man, I used to wonder what life is like at this age and here we are now.

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Achieving A Fall Inspired Look In A Tropical Country

IMG_9634 (2)

If our country were to experience Fall/Autumn Season, this is probably one of the many looks I would wear plus a light scarf or coat on top to keep me warm on chilly nights.   Continue reading “Achieving A Fall Inspired Look In A Tropical Country”

Style Insider: A New Styling Experience from Forever 21!


Let me share to you as this summer, Forever 21 introduces another first:
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Hello 2016!

DSCF6877 (2)

Hello 2016!!! So I just realized that I haven’t published any outfit post since the year started. I was so caught up with work, holiday parties and events since the last few weeks of 2015 until the start of 2016. After the biggest festival here in Cebu, Sinulog 2016 which was celebrated last January 17 (every 3rd Sunday the this month), I thought to myself, “finally I can now have a good night’s sleep for days” (rather good day’s sleep since I work at night) but I was wrong! It was last Monday when I realized my younger sister’s 18th birthday was in 3 days and will celebrate it the coming weekend and she still haven’t prepared anything but 30+ guest! The “ate” in me was so stressed out and started planning for her celebration! Not to mention the general cleaning involved because she planned to have it celebrated here at home. Whew! Last Saturday’s rooftop party was a success though considering the last minute preparations and all of her friends had so much fun and that’s all that matters! Today’s my Monday rest day and i can officially relax and actually rest on my day off and of course, catching up with my blog! Yey! Continue reading “Hello 2016!”