Stripes and Denim

Black and white stripes, for me always goes well with anything especially with denim. It is both a must-have basic piece that automatically gives you that classic look especially when worn together.

For today’s look, I wore this b&w stripes tank top with light washed denim pants for a casual weekend malling with the boyfriend. This pants is by far my favorite pair to date. It’s a korean brand I luckily found at a thrift store for only around 200php (around $4usd). It has the perfect fit and the cut is like it was made for me. Also the shade of washed-out blue it has is perf which in my opinion goes well with any top you pair it with. It reminds me on how Aimee Song of SongOfStyle pair her denims from a casual weekday hangout to high fashion events! It’s currently my go-to jeans!

DSCF3695 (2) DSCF3708 (2) DSCF3699 (2) DSCF3709 (2) DSCF3726 (2)

While I was rearranging my room, (cz if you follow me on Instagram, as you see I’ve posted a photo of my newly arrived bed with a this cute detailed headboard) I noticed that the pieces I have in my wardrobe are mostly all basics, like shirts, denim shorts/jeans, long button downs and whenever I need to attend an event, it kinda struggles me to decide on what look I should go for without looking so plain every time. I realized I don’t have that much dress with me in my closet, so the lazy me end up browsing through Zalora’s collection of Yellow Dresses. Yellow cause yes its my fave color since childhood (as you didn’t already notice the color of my room) and this dress caught my attention. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!
DSCF3722 (2) DSCF3725 (2) DSCF3727 (2)

Top and Hat: Cotton On | Pants: Thrifted | Shoes: local find at Korea | Accessories: Forever 21 | Bag: SM Parisian

1 more day left til the month of October ends and its 56 days til Christmas! Or are you still in the mood to celebrate Halloween? Omg I’m feeling old now. but no, not really. lol

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