Celebrating 4th of July and World Chocolate Day at Cafe Marco!

Marco Polo Plaza will once again bring you two different feted events this first week of July.

 Deck out the red, white and blue for a Star Spangled Celebration as Cafe Marco celebrates American Independence Day from July 4-7, 2018. A special international lunch and dinner buffet at Café Marco features American favorites such as Buffalo Wings and Potato Mix Fries at the Fried Bar; a Burger Station serving beef, chicken and lamb patties; a Barbecue Corner; a Mac and Cheese Bar so you can create your own; and USDA Roast Beef, Herb Roast Chicken and a lot more at the Carving Station. Plus, A DIY Station for Quesadillas, Burritos, Tacos, Enchaladas and Nachos. Seal it up with All-American favorite Apple and Pecan Pie and more sweets at the Dessert Station.

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Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Signature Six!

Have you tried Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Signature Six?

Cebuanos know so well how excellent Marco Polo is when it comes to their food. So for them to come up with a Signature Six, I was beyond excited to try them out myself!

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Experience Manang Julings Kilawan In The Heart of The City!

Now you don’t have to travel all the way to Tangke, Talisay to experience the freshest seafood by Manang Julings Kilawan!

Originally located in Tangke, Talisay, Manang Julings Kilawan is finally here in Cebu City for everyone to try! If you haven’t heard of Manang Julings (especially if you’re from the north like me), let me share a bit of background of this favorite dining destination in Talisay. Continue reading “Experience Manang Julings Kilawan In The Heart of The City!”