A Year Older Today

I can not believe 25 wonderful years has passed by already and now I’m officially on my first day of my 26th year of existence. Literally I am pass the quarter life! It’s insane just to think about it, don’t you think? Like man, I used to wonder what life is like at this age and here we are now.

Looking back, I realized that I’ve actually done so many new things in the past year that I would have never imagine I would do or go through in my life right now. The major one is probably when I temporarily moved into the capital city of Manila and actually lived independently. I thought I already lived independently (since the day I land a job) but not until I was in the moment where I have to decide on everything for myself. I can totally write a whole separate post in regards to my experience there but overall, it did helped me in my personal growth as a person.

Anyway, I am not really sure what or why I am here writing to you today nor I plan to write a lengthy personal post but I guess I just wanted to document this time of my life. Now that I am here, lemme just list down the things that I have learned or what I believe helped me shape the person that I am today.

  1. Focus on the positive. Through the years, I have always looked through the positive side of every situation. I use to be more sapoton when things don’t do exactly how I wanted it to be but I am glad to say I am not that kind of person anymore. When things don’t go well, I just take a deep breath, think of how to turn things around (instead of over reacting on what just happened) and go on with life.
  2. Work-Life Balance. I always live by the quote, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. In life, we are not blessed to be waking up in the morning doing what we love because not every body can do that especially when we talk about financially. I love to be more creative but unfortunately it doesn’t always go well the way you imagined, or always put food on the table. Let’s be real. Some are blessed but not all. For me I need a day job right? But this doesn’t mean I have to give up what I love to do. You need to find that balance in order to keep you up in life. Unless if you love facing the computer developing apps the whole day then you do you boo.
  3. Spend Wisely. Like I mentioned, not all of us are blessed to be earning money while we sleep so we literally have to get up everyday, work hard, mag kayod jud ta mga ses or else wala tay mapalit ug sanina, pang palit ug pangpagwapa ug lami nga pagkaon. We have to work hard to earn and when we have the money, we should learn how to spend it wisely too. Point is: we should know our limits in spending and stick to it because you might have the money right now and be very broke the next day. So it’s better to spare a percentage of your earnings for savings or even for investments.
  4. Live in the moment. In today’s modern world, it has been really a struggle to “live in the moment” because of all these addiction to social media. When you’re at a new cafe, try to have meaningful conversations with your friends rather than just always on the phone. If you’re at a concert watching your favorite artist perform, try to maybe, okay, snap a little BUT be in the moment and enjoy this time of actually being there rather than trying to record everything. We all wanna ‘snap’ it or it didn’t happen but we should all know our limits. Even I myself is guilty of this but one of the moments that made me realized this is during my recent trip to Boracay last month. Of course it wasn’t totally a no phone or no social media kinda trip but I’m happy that I was able to disconnect from the online world for the most part. I was living the moment and really enjoyed my days at the beach and didn’t really worry to take a lot of photos for ‘content’.
  5. Take care of your health. Health is always wealth. Learn how to take care of your body now to live a longer life and also it’s very expensive to be sick nowadays. I know finding the time and motivation to live a healthier lifestyle is a struggle for most of us and that’s okay. Baby steps will go a long way. Me for example, I have been avoiding drinking soft drinks especially Coke for the past couple of months. I also choose to walk approximately 15 mins every weekday after I finish work than riding a habal-habal to take me to where I would ride a jeepney going home. I was prepping my meals last year and I stopped and now I am trying to start doing it again. Point is, it’s these baby steps that helps us in maintaining this kind of lifestyle and hopefully become our daily lifestyle. Our older self will definitely thank us that we started this young.
  6. Be contented with what you have. Being contented of what we have will lessen the jealousy of other people. Being envious of what other people have that we don’t have will tend to end up with hate towards that other person and will start that negative vibes in our lives. Be more grateful and you’ll live a happier life.
  7. Hang out with happy people and build meaningful relationships. You’ll never be more happier than surrounding yourself with happy people as well. I have definitely met new people this year and revalued old ones and I can confidently say that I have started to learn to build meaningful relationship with these people. At this age I learned that it’s not about having too many friends but building that circle of friends that are true, will be there when you need them and always have our back to support us no matter what.
  8. Don’t give a fvck about everything. This is something I learned by reading the book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck” by Mark Manson. To be honest, I am not done with the book just yet (read: not really a true bookworm) but I already learned so much with just a few chapters in. It’s basically telling you to not give a Fvck about everything and actually teaches you how to live a better life. Key to good life is giving a fuck about less, and giving a fuck about what is true, immediate and important.
  9. Enjoy the little things. Appreciate the little things in life because its all that really matters. Nowadays we tend to take things for granted. Celebrate mini victories. Finishing your daily task at work? Yay great job! Someone did you a favor? Thank them and maybe gift them a mini token! Take pleasure in these little achievements. They add up!
  10. Be kind. Not just to yourself but most especially to other people. You never know what someone is going through so be kind. Always.

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2019-04-16 08.33.58 1

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2019-04-16 08.05.59 1

Dress: Forever 21 | Bag: @caracebu on IG | Hat is gifted
Locale: Radisson Blu Cebu

2019-04-16 08.42.39 1

2019-04-16 08.34.00 1

I know that everyone has it’s own timelines in their own life. My advice is don’t you ever compare your life to others. Let them be an inspiration for you to live a greater life but never compare. Learn to appreciate every day because you might spend the rest of your life waiting for that moment that will never come.

A year older but definitely more wiser and I am forever grateful for another day in this life.


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