DIY : Mango Graham Parfait

First of all, I wanna greet all my readers A MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! It is officially my first Christmas Day here on my blog! Weeee! So how was your Christmas eve last night? If you’re following me on Instagram (@keiseee) then you know that it is our 1st time to celebrate Christmas without our parents around.  Nevertheless, from cooking & preparing foods for Noche Buena to making yummy Mango float for desserts, I still had fun spending time with my siblings.

And speaking of desserts, since I had a few more extra ingredients from the mango float that I made last night, I decided to make an Parfait version of the mango float and called it “Mango Graham Parfait”!


I will be sharing you how I made this quick and easy desserts that are perfect for the holidays! Do give this a try and tell me what you think! 🙂  Continue reading “DIY : Mango Graham Parfait”