Photo Diaries : A Visit to Sirao Flower Farm

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If you are from Cebu, then you know how trending this place was after it became viral online. The moment I saw it, the Cebuana in me couldn’t resist but wanted to see and experience the place myself but unfortunately during that time, my schedule doesn’t permit me to due to work and some planned days ahead and besides, I have no one to go to with because boyfie is at Leyte during that time and best friend is also at El Nido enjoying the beach! I kept telling Joma (my boyfriend) about the place and tells me he wants to visit the place too. I cant blame him though, the place is too picturesque to pass!  Continue reading “Photo Diaries : A Visit to Sirao Flower Farm”

Blendin’ In

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Just one of those casual saturday out at the garden; or Ayala Center Cebu’s garden I must say. LOL Went all loose in my outfit that of course still compliments my body frame. I personally like loose tops that I usually end up getting one size up when buying a plain shirt. It just makes me feel more comfortable than fitting ones. And It really boosts up my confidence whenever I feel comfortable in what I’m wearing.
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Photo Diaries : Jiufen, Taiwan


Jiufen is one of a must see place whenever you’re in Taiwan. Being here feels like I’m at the top of the world! The view of the tea houses and the Pacific Ocean is just stunning! Btw, Jiufen is a small town at the north mountainous part of Taiwan facing the sea and it is one of the most popular tourist attraction visited by travelers from all over the world and I’m very happy to be able to visit here! Another off my bucket list!

Jiufen is not far from the main city of Taipei. It’s just an hour or two away drive from the city and with the very convenient transport system Taiwan has (I must say), there are no reason for you not to visit this beautiful place!

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Travel Diaries: Miramar


Enrollment was scheduled last week but up until now I am still working on some subjects to be enrolled. Yes, as usual enrollment is one of the things I hate about our school. It sucks! It’s always a hassle but thank God I was enrolled in my minor subjects today and now I’m just waiting for our petition subject to be process anytime this week and finally I can breathe! #fingerscrossed

It’s been two weeks since we left Taiwan and honestly I’m still a bit not over it. Lol How can you? Our two months stay there was Continue reading “Travel Diaries: Miramar”