Travel Diaries: Miramar


Enrollment was scheduled last week but up until now I am still working on some subjects to be enrolled. Yes, as usual enrollment is one of the things I hate about our school. It sucks! It’s always a hassle but thank God I was enrolled in my minor subjects today and now I’m just waiting for our petition subject to be process anytime this week and finally I can breathe! #fingerscrossed

It’s been two weeks since we left Taiwan and honestly I’m still a bit not over it. Lol How can you? Our two months stay there was enough to make us feel comfortable. (I can even shop for groceries alone if I’m asked to!)


Goofin’ around with my little sister sporting the signature “Lacoste post”. LOL


A week before our flight back home, we had some last minute “suroys”. We visited a place called Miramar Entertainment Park. It’s a shopping mall with different kinds of entertainment, not to mention a  70-metre (230 ft) tall Ferris wheel, second tallest in Taiwan. Wiki said that the department store also contains an IMAX theatre with dimensions 28m × 21m, its movie screen is the largest in Asia for showing commercial films. Unfortunately, we had no plans of watching a movie that night.

DSCF0663 DSCF0670 DSCF0674 DSCF0721 DSCF0678

For our visit in Marimar, I knew I wanted to use my newly bought white high tops chuck taylors and go for a black and white combo and this is what I came up with! I hope you like it and tell me what you think!

DSCF0636 collage DSCF0652DSCF0640 DSCF0684 DSCF1176 DSCF1174 DSCF1173 DSCF1175 DSCF0744

Top : White botton down polo from a random bazaar  | Bottom : B&W bandage skirt from Metro Department Store | Bag : Black sling bag from a local thrift store | Shoes : White high tops Chuck Taylors from Converse

Going out of the house everyday makes me miss Taiwan so much! I’m not gonna lie, but the heat here in the Philippines is INSANE! I’m not even exaggerating. BUT THIS IS HOME! The tropical weather, Island life and everything here in Cebu is what I missed the most and I’m so happy I’m back!

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