Photo Diaries : Jiufen, Taiwan


Jiufen is one of a must see place whenever you’re in Taiwan. Being here feels like I’m at the top of the world! The view of the tea houses and the Pacific Ocean is just stunning! Btw, Jiufen is a small town at the north mountainous part of Taiwan facing the sea and it is one of the most popular tourist attraction visited by travelers from all over the world and I’m very happy to be able to visit here! Another off my bucket list!

Jiufen is not far from the main city of Taipei. It’s just an hour or two away drive from the city and with the very convenient transport system Taiwan has (I must say), there are no reason for you not to visit this beautiful place!

How to get there from Taipei?

We managed to reach the small town of Juifen by bus. The only bus we knew (based on research) that would take us to Jiufen is bus no. 1062. Since we are staying in the place called Banqiao, we have to take an MRT from Fuzhong MRT Station to Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station. From there, Take MRT exit #1 and make a U-turn. Walk a minute and take the 1st left and then after a few meters you will see a bus stop where Bus no. 1062 will stop. Of course it will not always be there so you’ll have to wait for the bus to arrive. The bus will directly take you to Jiufen. You will always know where to go down because you’re not the only one from that bus that will be visiting the famous tourist destination 😉 hehe


The bus stop behind me is where we went down from the no. 1062 bus from Taipei City 🙂

DSCF0120PicMonkey Collage1DSCF0125DSCF0137DSCF0168DSCF0169DSCF0195

PicMonkey CollageDSCF0198DSCF0205DSCF0222DSCF0311DSCF0174DSCF0326DSCF0182DSCF0292DSCF0175DSCF0179DSCF0284DSCF0246DSCF0233DSCF0297DSCF0302DSCF0325

Know more about my outfit here. DSCF0313DSCF0314DSCF0332DSCF0333DSCF0334

DSCF0339 DSCF0353

I hope you’ll find this blog post somehow informative especially to those who are planning to visit Taiwan anytime soon! I would highly recommend you to visit this place. The feels, the tea houses, the breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and definitely, the FOOD —  it’s totally worth it!

17 thoughts on “Photo Diaries : Jiufen, Taiwan

  1. Firstly 🙂 I really like what your wearing. Looks comfy yet very cool :D. Secondly, I like how you have described the place and looking at the pictures makes me want to visit too 😀

    1. Thanks Backpackerlee! 🙂 Read about your visit to Taipei 101 and it makes me miss Taiwan even more! Looking forward to your experiences in your upcoming Travels! 😀 Takecare!

  2. Hi there! Great photos! I can’t wait to visit. Can I ask where did you go to get a view of the big restaurant? (the one in the first photo in this post). Thanks!

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