Photo Diaries : A Visit to Sirao Flower Farm

DSCF4534 (2)

If you are from Cebu, then you know how trending this place was after it became viral online. The moment I saw it, the Cebuana in me couldn’t resist but wanted to see and experience the place myself but unfortunately during that time, my schedule doesn’t permit me to due to work and some planned days ahead and besides, I have no one to go to with because boyfie is at Leyte during that time and best friend is also at El Nido enjoying the beach! I kept telling Joma (my boyfriend) about the place and tells me he wants to visit the place too. I cant blame him though, the place is too picturesque to pass! 

2 -DSCF4478 (2)

It was that weekend when my boyfriend arrived in Cebu for a short trip to attend his Oath Taking on Monday. The next day, Tuesday was supposed to be scheduled for our visit to Simala for thanksgiving, but unfortunately his dad decided not to push through because it will take almost a day to go back and forth from Simala down south and they still have some other errands to run that day (considering they only have a few days left in Cebu).

3 -DSCF4516 (2)

I was kinda sad because I made sure I was available that day and also I was excited to visit Simala because I haven’t been there since my 1st visit a long long time ago. Not only to see the place but also to visit and give thanks. It was midnight when I thought of visiting Sirao with Joma in the morning instead, but thinking maybe it was too late to decide. But to my surprise, I woke up around 6am to his text agreeing to visit the place and meet asap! The lazy Katrina got up and got ready as fast as I can!

DSCF4572 (2)

We had breakfast at 7/11 and went straight to Sirao!

How to get there:

If you are bringing a car with you then just go straight to Busay and you know you’re in the right track if you pass by mountain view and when you reach Ayala Heights, you are almost there. Take the right turn after Ayala Heights and just go straight all the way up! The Farm is on the left side on the road and is noticeable so no worries. It will be about 45 mins to 1 hour drive from JY Square Mall.

If by Habal-Habal, you can ride one in front of JY Square mall Supermarket. It will cost you a hundred per way. So 200 per person to Sirao and back to JY Square.


We arrived at around 8:30am and when we enter the place we notice these signage.


Kids will collect fees from visitors for photos and video 🙂

DSCF4470 (2) DSCF4471 (2)

DSCF4475 (2)

We were lucky enough to visit and experience the place a week earlier when it was less crowded.

DSCF4481 (2)DSCF4504 (2) DSCF4503 (2) DSCF4496 (2)

When is the best time to go there?

I got the chance to talk to the farmer that is looking over the farm. He started to plant these flowers way back the year 90’s and mentioned that he only plants this Celosia flowers around July. It will take another 3 months for it to grow just in time for All Souls Day. While on the other months he plants different kinds of vegetables for a living. So the best time to go there is on the month of October before it get harvested in the end of the month. 

DSCF4628 (2)DSCF4502 (2) DSCF4513 (3)

I noticed some colors on top of the hill so I insisted to climb up – on my sandals! lol

DSCF4515 (3)

The view was breathtaking!! We were the only one on this part of the farm (which was owned by another farmer from the photos above)
DSCF4517 (2)

Lovely Celosia flowers!
DSCF4524 (2)DSCF4533 (2)

Thankful that I decided to bring with me my fedora hat. It somewhat kept me cool from the scourging heat!

DSCF4542 (2) DSCF4534 (2) DSCF4547 (2)DSCF4550 (2)DSCF4552 (2)DSCF4555 (2)DSCF4560 (3)DSCF4562 (2)DSCF4563 (2)DSCF4571 (2) DSCF4567 (2)

Top: Thrifted | Shorts : Zara | Hat: Cotton On | Shoes : Zalora PH

 My visit there reminded me of our C.A.T instructor (who was in charge of our adventurous mountain hikes way back highschool) with his all time favorite quote, “Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time.”

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Ps. I would like to dedicate this post to my ever loving, mon amour. Thank you for spending time with me in this lovely place! It’s these little things that you do that makes me happy. Two more months until we celebrate another year together! ❤

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  1. Hi, I’m Nina from CondoLiving magazine and I was wondering if we could use one of these photos for our magazine? Should you agree, we assure to give full credits 🙂 Thank you so much!

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