Saturday Brunch

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What I wore to brunch with Promod at The Pyramid Cebu and more.

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#PromodSummerSoiree | SS’17 Collection

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What went down during Promod’s Summer Soiree and their first ever event in Cebu! Continue reading “#PromodSummerSoiree | SS’17 Collection”


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Flâneur /fläˈnər/ – [French; noun] one who strolls around aimlessly but enjoyable, observing life and his surroundings.

When I first read the meaning of this french word somewhere in Pinterest, it instantly reminds me of these set of photos; hence the title. Not only that but it somehow describes me as a person. Continue reading “Flâneur”

Pop of Color


Do you have those days when you go out and have the perfect outfit but then you have no one to take your photos? It happens to me A LOT these days now that my boyfriend, who usually takes my photos, isn’t around to do so. My friends especially my workmates usually ask me if I am a model of some sort (uhmm yes.. in my dreams HAHA) but no. I just really like to “document” my looks because it would be nice to look back years from now and actually keep them and show them to your children and say “yes that’s how beautiful your mommy looks like in her younger years. No wonder your dad fell so in love with mama.” HAHA!!!!  Continue reading “Pop of Color”