Pizza Republic (pick + mix) by Giuseppe Genco Opens in Cebu!

Lets take a break from all my Taiwan related posts and lemme share to you another love of mine, FOOD! Who wouldn’t love food? Especially when it comes to PIZZA? ahhhhhhhh guilty pleasures.


I was still in Taiwan when I heard about a new pizza place called “Pizza Republic (pick + mix) by Giuseppe Genco” back in my hometown, Cebu. It is not just an ordinary pizza place because Continue reading “Pizza Republic (pick + mix) by Giuseppe Genco Opens in Cebu!”

Travel Diaries: Miramar


Enrollment was scheduled last week but up until now I am still working on some subjects to be enrolled. Yes, as usual enrollment is one of the things I hate about our school. It sucks! It’s always a hassle but thank God I was enrolled in my minor subjects today and now I’m just waiting for our petition subject to be process anytime this week and finally I can breathe! #fingerscrossed

It’s been two weeks since we left Taiwan and honestly I’m still a bit not over it. Lol How can you? Our two months stay there was Continue reading “Travel Diaries: Miramar”

Hello, Taiwan!

Jiufen, Taiwan. 1


How’s your day yesterday, my fellow kababayans? For those of you that are not aware, yesterday marks the 116th Independence Day of the Philippines! Imagine 116 years of Freedom, that’s like having the freedom to eat chocolates everyday and won’t have to worry about getting fat, right? LOL I don’t even know if that makes sense to you but that’s what freedom is to me. :))

I haven’t really experienced “summer” this year because Continue reading “Hello, Taiwan!”