Pop of Color


Do you have those days when you go out and have the perfect outfit but then you have no one to take your photos? It happens to me A LOT these days now that my boyfriend, who usually takes my photos, isn’t around to do so. My friends especially my workmates usually ask me if I am a model of some sort (uhmm yes.. in my dreams HAHA) but no. I just really like to “document” my looks because it would be nice to look back years from now and actually keep them and show them to your children and say “yes that’s how beautiful your mommy looks like in her younger years. No wonder your dad fell so in love with mama.” HAHA!!!! 

Kidding aside, this is just one of those days, but the other way around! It was Saturday when my friends and I decided to go on a little morning road trip to find locations to shoot. I took the opportunity to shoot two looks in one day. Still waiting for the right time to rock this outfit. In a future event perhaps?



In this particular outfit, I played with plains and prints – with a pop of color! I wanted to style these pants I scored on SALE at ForMeI like the fabric of these pants; it is very comfortable and i’m happy to add this piece in my wardrobe. The print is also one of the reasons why I got this. The print already stands out by itself, I could imagine this wearing with a plain white shirt or a tank top.


I applied color blocking on the top part of this outfit. Red orange to compliment the little red showing in my pants and yellow blazer to add a bit of contrast on my  top.


Finished the look with a statement necklace, black purse and my abused black/blue strap heels. Tell me what you think! DSC_0407DSC_0409

Pants from ForMe.
Photos by Jesse Jake

ForMe is painting SM Seaside City Cebu pink! Come and visit them on November 27th as they open their biggest store in the Philippines! For more details of their opening offers, you can follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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4 thoughts on “Pop of Color

  1. funny, how we pretty much have the same reason for keeping a blog. i sure as hell would want my grandkids to looks at their lola and reckon i was pretty cool back in my heydays. lol. or not.

    nice blog. keep it up! =)

    1. Thank you Kat! I usually use a FujiFilm X20 but for this set of photos, my friend Jesse Jake (who took this set) uses a Nikon D5200. No specific brand for my necklace, I just got it from a random local store here in Cebu.:)

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