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Flâneur /fläˈnər/ – [French; noun] one who strolls around aimlessly but enjoyable, observing life and his surroundings.

When I first read the meaning of this french word somewhere in Pinterest, it instantly reminds me of these set of photos; hence the title. Not only that but it somehow describes me as a person. Continue reading “Flâneur”

PLDTHome x Airbnb launch at Villa Busay!

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Few weeks back, me and my fellow Cebu bloggers were invited to check out this lovely private villa up in the mountains of Busay called Villa Busay Resort. It is also where the leading broadband and digital services provider PLDT HOME announces their latest partnership with Airbnb – the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, allowing hosts to list their homes online that can be searched and rented by travelers.  Continue reading “PLDTHome x Airbnb launch at Villa Busay!”