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Flâneur /fläˈnər/ – [French; noun] one who strolls around aimlessly but enjoyable, observing life and his surroundings.

When I first read the meaning of this french word somewhere in Pinterest, it instantly reminds me of these set of photos; hence the title. Not only that but it somehow describes me as a person. Not everyone knows me deeply but I really enjoy going to places and appreciate the view and adventure it brings. Wherever or whatever it may be; a saltwater touching the sand or clouds kissing the sky, I always find it beautiful every time.

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I know my previous post was weeks ago and February is saying goodbye soon but lately I’ve been finding myself enjoying the company of new friends from work (and also my blogger besties). At first I thought that people at work would be so competitive and that you only see them on duty and that you don’t really expect much from these new people (compared to your childhood/highschool/college buddies) but lately we end up going on adventures together after work and I enjoyed it a lot. We went island hopping, karaoke, birthday surprises and more food trip, went sugba-sugba at a not so known fishpond somewhere in the island and we keep on longing for more “gala” together despite the lack of sleep after. Maybe spending time together to distress is one thing but for me its these kind of people you want yourself to be surrounded with. The ones that supports you, laugh with you, pushes you to be a better person because I believe that choosing the right people you surround yourself with will have a big effect on your life to be more positive, helping you grow as an individual and of course para always happy! 🙂

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Anyway, so much of my life update and lets talk about these set of photos, shall we? These were taken at this luxuriously appointed villa up in the mountain of Busay, Cebu, Philippines (which i blogged about here) and when I saw this spot, it captured my attention and decided to take my outfit shots here.

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I know wearing black isn’t such a good idea especially on a very sunny day but I tried to balance it out by wearing this very thin sheer top so I can still breathe from the hot weather while wearing an all black ensemble.

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Top: random find | Bottom: thrifted | Hat: Cotton On | Inner: online find | Shoes: Something Borrowed

What do you think of this look? and were you convinced to start letting go of the negative people in your life so you will have more space for the positive ones? 😉 share them on the comments below!

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