Hello, Taiwan!

Jiufen, Taiwan. 1


How’s your day yesterday, my fellow kababayans? For those of you that are not aware, yesterday marks the 116th Independence Day of the Philippines! Imagine 116 years of Freedom, that’s like having the freedom to eat chocolates everyday and won’t have to worry about getting fat, right? LOL I don’t even know if that makes sense to you but that’s what freedom is to me. :))

I haven’t really experienced “summer” this year because for the past 2 months, I’ve been out of the country and spent my whole summer vacation in the city of Taipei, Taiwan. There are a few advantage and disadvantages for this trip though. A few disadvantage are of course 8 weeks away from closest friends, summer adventures and all those sorts of fun activities and especially 60 days away from boyfie! Everything back home was surely missed but on the bright side, I got to escape the scorching hot weather in my home town and apparently it was still Spring season when we arrived in Taiwan (and spring season meaning 18 degrees Celsius which was far different from what I expected because I totally got confused while I was on research). Also, was very excited to explore a new place again! I can’t deny my desire to travel, especially to explore more of another country, their culture, and just being so foreign from a place that you’ve never been before. For me, I believed that we learn alot based on our own experiences. This is one reason why I love travelling!

Before I go through all my tourist-y photos during my stay in Taiwan (which will be on a separate blog post, here), lemme share to you a random outfit during my Taiwan #staycation. I dunno whats up with Mr. Sunny that day that he decided to show up but I made sure I have some cardigan for me to wear whenever the temperature drops especially during night time! You’ll see what I mean.


Top : Reversible Top from Gaisano Grand Mall, Talamban  | Cardigan : Flea market from Taiwan |  Shorts : Random online shop (I forgot where exactly I got it from) | Accessories : Forever 21 | Bag : Black Leather sling/shoulder bag I got from Korea | Shoes : Charles and Keith

 Now that I’m back home in my beloved city, i’ll try my best to do some last minute summer getaways this weekend before school starts on monday! Feel free to follow me on instagram @keiseee for more real time updates! 🙂

How about you? Any last minute summer getaways? 🙂

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