Hai Shin Lou Seafood King Restaurant Arrives in Cebu!

While there are a lot of dining places popping around the city, this is probably one of the most looked forward among Cebuanos especially for those who are a fan of Cantonese Cuisine. I am talking about Hai Shin Lou at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu!

Just a little bit of background, the first Hai Shin Lou Seafood King opened its doors to the dining public on December 3, 2003 in Makati, Manila. Since its opening date, it has clearly positioned itself as the most sought after Chinese restaurant with high quality service and delicious healthy dishes among the hearts of Filipino.

Just last month August 9, 2018, Hai Shin Lou Seafood King is proud to share that they finally branched out (for the first time in 15 years) and has landed in no other than the Queen City of the South!

IMG_6688 (2)

Now I am here as always sharing to you a sneak peek of the place and a glace on some of the dishes that they will be offering to us Cebuanos.

As you enter from the main entrance that says Hai Shin Lou on top, you will be walking along a hallway and end up at a reception area where I assume a receptionist will then accommodate you especially if you have a reservation.

IMG_6680 (2)

Once confirmed, they will now escort you to your table and on the way, you will pass by this cute wall on the left with bird cages  and tea pots displayed. While on your right will see a live display of seafood. You can actually choose one and have it cooked for you. Talk about freshness!

IMG_6678 (2)

IMG_6681 (2)

The whole place can accommodate around 200 persons with 9 private rooms. A new chic celebration location perfect for your milestone, yes?

IMG_6584 (2)

IMG_6589 (2)

As for the food, Hai Shin Lou will be headed by Executive Chef King Kwong Chan, one of the best Roasting Chefs from Hong Kong. Together with him are two other chefs from Hong Kong, Chinese Dimsum Chef Moon Chau Lo and Chinese Wok Chef Raymond Hui.

IMG_6583 (2)

Now time to dig in! I remember how excited I was during that time. Hope you already ate while you’re reading this because it will surely make you hungry! haha

IMG_6592 (2)

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

IMG_6594 (2)

Taro Puff

IMG_6597 (2)

Pork Dumpling

IMG_6602 (2)

Barbeque Pork

IMG_6606 (2)

Soy Chicken

IMG_6612 (2)

Steamed Live Shrimps

IMG_6620 (2)

Fish Fillet with home made Curd in Hot Pot

IMG_6622 (2)

Yang Chow Fried Rice

IMG_6624 (2)

Fresh Crab Meat with Seasonal Vegetables

IMG_6639 (2)

What a feast!!

IMG_6641 (2)

Almond Jelly with Fruit Cocktail

IMG_6646 (3)

IMG_6666 (2)

IMG_6670 (2)

IMG_6581 (2)

IMG_6673 (2)
me, Doyzkie and Jean during the Media launch.

Again, big thanks to Marco Polo Plaza Hotel and Hai Shin Lou for having me. I cannot wait to bring my family and friends here soon!

IMG_6687 (2)

Hai Shin Lou will be open from 11:30AM to 2:30PM for lunch and 6:00PM to 10:30PM for dinner daily. They are located at the ground level of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, Nivel Hills,Cebu City.

They are currently in soft opening so advance reservation is advised.  You may call +63 32 234 8155 / 8188 or email reservations@hslcebu.com for bookings and inquires.

Follow @haishinloucebu on Instagram; Like Hai Shin Lou Cebu on Facebook  to know more of their latest offerings and promotions


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