Dakak Lookbook

As you all know from my Instagram, I have been flooding quite a ton of photos from our recent trip to Dakak in Dapitan, Philippines. But how can I not?? The place is so huge and it’s impossible not to take a lot of photos especially when the landscape and seascape is so Instagramable!

Since I have a lot of OOTDs during this trip, I thought I would share them in a single blog post. I hope you enjoy this lookbook and let me know what you think by leaving a comment at the end of this post!

Being All Touristy 

I wore this look on our first day in Dakak. I knew it would be a day full of tour (inside Dakak’s facilities) so I wanted to be as comfortable as possible. I wore my striped culottes and pair it with a white button down. I chose a button down that has a thin cotton material so it will be breathable along the tour. Top it all off with my wide native hat to protect myself  from direct sunlight.2018-06-18_09-52-45-01

2018-06-19 12.43.53 1

IMG_3436 (2)

2018-05-04 04.00.28 2

Top: Department Store find | Buttom: SM Department Store | Sandals: Metro Department store | Hat: @caracebu on Instagram

IMG_3483 (2)

In My Bohemian Maxi

Day two and I immediately wore this maxi dress to breakfast. I honestly woke up late and had no time to take a bath so I just quickly freshened myself up, put on this maxi bohemian dress plus a sunglasses to hide my face and voila! I’m out ready to eat! Had to take a quick OOTD shot after breakfast so this happened:

2018-05-05 10.18.16 1

Funny story because as you can see, this photo is looking all perfect but I literally almost fell from that tree!! HAHA It was higher than what it looks like in the photo. While Jesse was trying to help me get up, Sophia was busy laughing her ass out and down on the sands! hahahahahah

IMG_3641 (2)

Dress: Thrifted | Bag and Hat: @caracebu on Instagram

IMG_3740 (2)

Pool side chill

After Breakfast, we had a few more hours to kill before we start our adventure in the afternoon so I have my swimwear ready under my maxi dress. We enjoyed the pool in the morning while no one was still there!

IMG_3582 (3)

IMG_3595 (2)

Swimwear: Coco Cabana at Sm Department Store

IMG_3596 (3)

Adventure Ready

I first had my Jaisalmer Jacquard Shorts on for lunch but eventually changed it to stretchy crochet shorts after that. It is very important to be comfortable whenever we involve ourselves into some activities. We are doing ATV and zipline that afternoon so I made sure I wore something fitting and not loose. Imagine hanging on a zipline with a loose top. Definitely a no no. Also wearing a sandal with straps so it won’t just fall off.

2018-05-06 09.40.50 1

2018-05-06 06.35.12 2

2018-05-06 06.44.02 1

DSCF9904 (2)

Top: H&M | Jacquard Shorts: @FILINDIANSUMMER on Instagram | Crochet Shorts: Thrifted | Sandals: Forever21 | Sunnies: Penshoppe

IMG_3861 (2)

Beach Walks

Time to unwind and relax after all the adventure. I simply just restyled what I wore earlier by untucking my top from my shorts. Took the shirt off later on and went swimming haha

IMG_3928 (2)

Swim Top: H&M | Bag: @caracebu on Instagram

2018-05-06 10.24.25 1

Sunset Viewing

We stayed in a villa with this view (more on that on a separate post) so we took the opportunity to chill here while the sun sets. We were just so lucky (being on the right time and place) to see the beautiful sunset that day.

DSCF0284 (2)

DSCF0306 (2)

Theme Park Appropriate 

One of our itinerary for that night is to go visit Glora’s Fantasy Land after dinner so I wore something that is theme park appropriate. An over sized shirt paired with denim shorts came to my mind.

IMG_4165 (2)

Top: Thrifted | Denim Shorts: Bershka | Sandals: Forever 21

IMG_4202 (2)

City Heritage Tour

Another day another tour! I almost forgot this is where Jose Rizal spent his exile. We started the tour visiting the exact spot where Rizal arrived in Dapitan and then having lunch on a river cruise. We ended at Rizal Shrine learning a lot about history. With all this in line, I just wanna be in a dress where I can be free to move around. Styled my accessories around my dress and end up with yellow tassle earrings and yellow sandals to compliment the floral pattern on my dress. Finished it off with a native hat.

2018-05-06 09.48.13 1

2018-05-06 10.08.16 1

IMG_4344 (2)

2018-05-06 10.19.28 1

Warmer Days

It was our last day in Dakak and I still have a few more looks I haven’t worn yet (talk about over packing haha). I have been eyeing on this bougainvillea spot ever since we got here and I though it would be a perfect day to take a photo and also because it was a sunny day! This off shoulder maxi dress with polka dots was perfect for that spot.

2018-05-06 10.12.21 1

2018-05-06 10.16.36 1

DSCF1245 (2)

Dress: Thrifted from Baguio | Hat and Bag: @caracebu on Instagram

DSCF1256 (2)

Appreciating Today

At the end of this trip I just came to realize how lucky I am to be able to experience such a beautiful place like Dakak. I am forever grateful with opportunities like this. I can’t wait to share more about the place on my next few post! Make sure to stay tuned.

DSCF0778 (2)


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