Rest and Relaxation at Villa Angelina Luxury Suites

“Nindot jud kaayo didto, I swear.”
said Jesse, my blogger friend who has been to Villa Angelina months before we did. Having been to a 5-star resorts in Mactan Cebu, I didn’t really expect so much of this place until I experienced it myself last May. It surely did not disappoint.

I remember Jesse reminded us to just bring the best summer resort outfits that we have at the moment so we can take a lot of outfit shots during our whole duration of our stay and I’m so glad I followed his advice. I didn’t really do my research about the place (which I think was a great decision of mine because it will just spoil the entire experience – or just my excuse because I’m super busy before our trip) and just packed my bestest summer looks in my carry on luggage.

It was finally the day of departure and I literally just finished packing hours before our evening trip. We had the option to fly to Dipolog City but we opted to ride a boat on the way to Dapitan from Cebu. Our boat ride was scheduled to leave at 7pm, had a stop over at Dumaguete and finally arrived at around 11am the next day at the Port of Dapitan. It was one hella ride and I’m just so glad I didn’t get seasick or else that would have been a bad start of this trip. Upon arrival, we were greeted by this lovely lady named Reyallen and gave us a cute welcome necklace from Dakak. She then escorted us to the van that will take us from the port to Dakak Park and Beach Resort. Yep, they offer transfers from your arrival, either from the port or from Dipolog Airport.

We arrived at Dakak’s main entrance and since our arrival was anticipated and our stay has already been pre-arranged, the van went directly to Villa Angelina Luxury Suites, where we will be staying for this whole trip. Talk about convenience.


To be honest, I have heard of Dakak before and all of it’s wonderful stories but I didn’t know it was THIS BIG of an area. And Villa Angelina Luxury Suites? I. Was. Speechless. It was a true representation of rest and relaxation.

If you guys didn’t know, Villa Angelina Luxury Suites is the newest Luxury accommodation of the well-known Dakak Park and Beach Resort. It is an exclusive area that is only accessible by Villa Angelina guests and is located on a cliff side of Dakak. The area has its own restaurant named Yugo Asian Fusion Restaurant that serves mainly on Asian cuisines. It also has an infinity pool that is exclusive to its guests and a Spa which is just a walking distance away from the villas.

Now let me take you into the villa for a virtual tour.


2018-05-06 09.40.50 1

The Suite

Just a few steps after entering the room, you can immediately tell how spacious the room is. I swear this suite is so huge! You can literally hold a yoga class inside. haha I kid but really, I love the high-ceiling that the room has. Although sometimes it scares me a little when I had to look up while I’m about to sleep. LOL But during the day it really feels so spacious and free. Okay I said that already.

IMG_3333 (2)

Your view as you enter the room

IMG_3335 (2)

on your left you can see a small path way to the door of the bathroom, a mini bar that’s hidden and the closet

IMG_3328 (3)

The view looking at the bed

IMG_3338 (2)

Mini Sala

IMG_3355 (2)

Look at those high ceiling!

IMG_3354 (3)

Morning view from the bed

IMG_3356 (2)

View as you enter the bathroom

IMG_3364 (2)

On your right is the shower and toilet. Really spacious too!

IMG_3359 (2)

Can we talk about this shower? It LITERALLY made me feel uncomfortable at first but I got used to it the second time and it was such an experience! I loved it!

IMG_3362 (2)

The Veranda

Now the veranda. Probably my best spot to chill in the whole villa (okay maybe the second best spot next to the king-sized bed. Dang those sheets are really comfortable!). It has the best view of the sea and for me personally, one of the best spot to enjoy the sunset. Oh wait did I mention each villa has it’s own Jacuzzi? Hell yes!

IMG_4597 (3)

Morning Coffee, anyone?

IMG_3341 (2)

I’ve said this a couple times already but again it is spacious!

DSCF0152 (2)

IMG_3342 (3)

DSCF0190 (2)

DSCF0193 (2)

The Infinity Pool

 This cliff side infinity pool is so dreamy and private because only Villa Angelina guests can access here. Imagine having your morning dip here or enjoy drinks at the infinity bar for some sunset cocktails.

IMG_3548 (2)

IMG_3549 (2)

IMG_3560 (2)

IMG_3301 (2)

the infinity pool is right next to yugo Asian fusion Restaurant

IMG_3306 (2)

The Spa at the Villa

The Spa at the Villa is a newly addition to Villa Angelina’s amenities. It is located strategically on the cliff side over looking the naked beach of Villa Angelina.  What makes this spa place unique is that it has a dry heat inducing sauna and an indoor Jacuzzi! Not to mention these two has an overlooking view of the sea! Lovely!
Unfortunately we didn’t get to take photos of these two lovely spots at the spa but its very Instagramable (ifs that’s your thing hehe).

IMG_3900 (2)

IMG_3519 (2)

Reception area of the Spa at the villa

IMG_3547 (2)

Wash area

IMG_3534 (2)

Exclusive treatment room. Unfortunately it’s dark outside since we went during the night but imagine having a spa with a view!

IMG_3541 (2)

We had some cucumber welcome drink and after the spa we have another tea party prepared for us! Enjoy a few minutes to just sit, eat, drink and meditate.

IMG_3546 (2)

The Unforgettable Sunset

The most memorable time I had during our stay is definitely watching the sun set from our villa. We just had a swim at Naked Beach and we capped it off by enjoying ourselves at the Jacuzzi. It wasn’t the most clear skies at that time so we didn’t really expect a beautiful sunset would show up but a few minutes later while having fun, the sun peaked through the clouds and suddenly it went all bright from the sun’s rays! Few seconds later after realizing the lovely sunset, we immediately took our cameras and took turns for a photo op. Not that we didn’t have the time to appreciate it’s beauty but we wanted to capture the moment so we have something to see that will  take us back to that exact moment. It was unforgettable!

DSCF0248 (2)

DSCF0261 (2)

Having fun playing bubbles with Sophia

DSCF0277 (2)

appreciating the view

DSCF0286 (2)

Look at that beauty!

DSCF0284 (2)

DSCF0288 (2)

DSCF0310 (2)

Always a sunset kind of person. how about you?

IMG_4017 (2)

My companion of this trip: @jessejakedaan and @iamsophiasanchez . Third wheeling yet again (similar to my Boracay trip) and I couldn’t be more thankful to be travelling with fellow bloggers this time especially with these two! Just because we have the same interest when it comes to creating content and taking each others photos. I am truly grateful for these two. 🙂

DSCF0325 (3)

Hope you enjoy reading my experience at Villa Angelina Luxury Resort. This place is truly a paradise! I can’t wait to be back in the future and hopefully I can bring my family next time.

Just so you know, staying at Villa Angelina has it’s exclusive perks of the area but you can also still enjoy Dakak Park and Beach Resort’s facilities. If you are staying at Villa Angelina, you can access Dakak’s wide white sand beach and enjoy Dakak’s Adventure Park. Feel free to call room service for a van to take you down the main Dakak Area. Although if you are staying as a regular guest at Dakak then you may not be able to access every thing that is mentioned in this post.

Feel free to read the rest of my Dakak Adventure and the rest of my Dapitan City visit here. Definitely sharing more soon so stay tuned!

Visit Dakak Park and Beach Resort on their Website and Facebook page for more info.
Dakak Beach Resort is located atBarangay Taguilon, Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte, 7101 Philippines.
Phone Number: (065) 918 8000 | Fax Number: (065) 918 8010 | Email:

Feel free to read the rest of my Dakak Adventure and the rest of my Dapitan City visit here. Definitely sharing more soon so stay tuned!

Dakak Lookbook


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