Gibbs’ Hot Wings Opens a New Branch at Cebu IT Park!

Imagine a chicken wing place that’s open 24 hours!

That is what Coy Oliva, Founder of Gibbs’ Hot Wings, has in mind with the newest branch at Cebu IT Park. Imagine craving for hot wings pass midnight, or after a couple of drinks late at night or in my case – after work (since I finish at midnight).  We can finally satisfy these when Gibbs’ hot wings starts opening 24/7!

Good news didn’t just end there. There will also be new items on their menu including a  cheese fondue where you can dip your chicken wings, potato wedges or just about anything you like to dip it with. Talking about chicken wings, there are no new flavors aside from what they already have BUT they did mention a 6TH LEVEL of your favorite Hot Wings!

What I love the most is how Instagramable the place is. The interiors are a total upgrade from the current branch they have in Streetscape Banilad and much more spacious too. Every angle is picture worthy so make sure to squeeze in a photo op while having the best hot wings in town.

IMG_5567 (2)

IMG_5541 (2)

IMG_5539 (2)

IMG_5569 (2)


IMG_5589 (2)

IMG_5572 (2)

IMG_5573 (2)

IMG_5598 (2)

IMG_5554 (3)

IMG_5608 (2)

IMG_5557 (2)

IMG_5568 (2)


Blazer: H&M | Gingnam Dress: @murashopphclothing on IG | Black Rattan Bag : @caracebu on IG | Mules: Metro Department Store

IMG_5590 (2)

IMG_5592 (3)


Congratulations to Gibbs’ Hot Wings and Thank You for having us!  They are on Soft Opening starting June 30 and officially open on July 8, 2018.

Gibbs’ Hot Wings second branch is located at Central Bloc of Cebu It park (near Banapple). First branch is at Streetscape Banilad Cebu City.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more updates and latest offerings. Interiors by Atelier De Aurora.


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