Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Signature Six!

Have you tried Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Signature Six?

Cebuanos know so well how excellent Marco Polo is when it comes to their food. So for them to come up with a Signature Six, I was beyond excited to try them out myself!

DSCF3789 (2)


This maliciously good chocolate chip cookies have received several recognitions and have been hailed as one of the Best Dessert in the Philippines! Fun fact: Did you know that its name “malicious cookies” was named by a random customer? It was one afternoon when this customer called up one of Cafe Marco’s staff and said, “Can you get me those ‘malicious cookies’ to pair with my coffee?”. This customer visits almost every week and said the same thing calling these cookies ‘malicious’ and it was that time they decided to call it just that!

This is still by far the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever had, seriously, no bias here. AND! It is only available in Marco Polo Plaza Cebu; not in Marco Polo Ortigas and neither in Marco Polo Davao but only in CEBU! You should not miss this whenever you’re in the Queen City of the South.


2. Mango-Kissed Iced Tea

Now this I have yet to try but I bet Its good! It wouldn’t be on the list if it weren’t that great right? Ugh I just can imagine sipping this drink on a hot summer day!

DSCF3793 (2)


Sweet, creamy, topped with luscious Cebu mangoes and you know what makes this cheesecake even more special? The secret is in its crust. The crust is made out of crushed chocolate chip malicious cookies!! A truly heavenly treat!

DSCF3780 (2)


A blended iced frappuccino created from overnight-infused coffee, flavoured with cinnamon syrup and milk, topped with marshmallow and Italian meringues. This blended drink is served with Cinnamon S’mores that is warmed to perfection. Yum!

 DSCF3795 (2)


The adobo is an all time favorite Filipino dish. In Cafe Marco, there’s always a reason to celebrate with their Adobo.

DSCF3803 (2)


This one is a Holiday favorite!! I remember people would order boxes of these during holiday season to give out to their friends and families. Its perfect for pasalubongs too!

DSCF3840 (2)

DSCF3806 (2)

DSCF3807 (2)

DSCF3808 (2)

DSCF3804 (2)

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