A Day Spent at Plantation Bay Resort & Spa

Summer season is finally upon us and although our country the Philippines is always sunny all year round, it is these months that the heat just seems to be unbearable that you just wanna spend everyday at the beach or dip in the pool whenever you can. Luckily for us living in Cebu, a beach trip in only a few minutes away from the city and just last week, we had a chance to visit one of the prettiest resort in town – Plantation Bay Resort and Spa.

To be honest, it has been quite a few years already since my last visit here and I totally forgot how much of a beauty this place has to offer. We went there only for a day as our project’s summer outing and me and my workmates definitely had fun.


Day use includes Lunch and 1 choice of drink, free use of lagoons and swimming pools. Activities that you can also try includes wall climbing, 30 min use of bicycle, 15 min use of of kayak or stand up paddle, Foosball, air hockey and table tennis. Shower and changing facilities is also available for use.










Days use is P2,000 nett per person on weekdays and P2,500 nett per person on weekends and holidays. I personally find it a bit pricey and not for everyone (since some people are more into that adventurous option like going down south for canyoneering and what not) but if you are looking for a place to relax and won’t mind to splurge a lil bit then I would totally recommend this place. This is already a better option and fairly lowest in price (day use) compared to other high class resort in Mactan Island.

I can totally see myself going back here to spend intimate and special occasions like an Anniversary date or a Valentines date perhaps. This is definitely perfect if you are looking for a place to bond with your loved ones.

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