Tips to Enjoy Valentine’s Day Even if You’re Single


Get ready to fall in laughter (if not in love) this February!

Time indeed flew by so fast and its that time of the year again where you see almost happy couples everywhere, where flowers can be the most expensive thing a man could buy, high demand for chocolates, teddy bears and restaurants full of reservations. This is definitely the most wonderful time of the year for people with their significant other.

While some hearts come flying, some are breaking. Unfortunately for the bitter others, this is a dreadful reminder of them being single, not in a relationship – #FOREVERALONE. Valentine’s Day is inevitable and let me tell you, February 14 will come and it will bound to happen BUT it can be ignored for sure! Below are my personal tips to make the most out of your Valentines Day even if you’re #TeamSingle this year.

1. Stay at Home

Staying at home during Valentines Day would be the best option for you especially if you want to avoid seeing couples everywhere. You also wanna avoid going on social media esp Facebook or Instagram, you’ll only end up seeing photos of girls with their teddy bears, chocolates or roses that you might actually want to throw your phones against the wall and GURL we don’t that to happen okay? (Also, people be going out that entire day and you don’t wanna be stuck on traffic. Am I right?)

2. Go OT at Work

Make the most of your time at work. Go overtime! You did not only escape the Valentine’s Day scene but you sure are making some more moneeeeeeeeeeh! Of course, treat yourself some shopping on your payday (at least that’s what I would do). You deserve it girl!

3. Spend Valentines with a Friend or Family.

If you don’t have a Valentino on Valentines Day, go out with your girl friends instead! Your best friend or your sister. The whole barkada or the whole family! Having a date on valentines doesn’t have to be your significant other but also to the one that is close to your heart.

4. Treat Yourself

You know THE DAY will come so be prepared! Go shopping or book a massage! Visit a salon and have your nails done. If you feel like not going out then maybe have a stock full of chocolates and sweets to munch on. Watch a movie all day and order a pizza. Alone with pizza is better than alone alone. (Better Yet, wait until Feb 15 and hoard every chocolate and flowers for almost half its price!!)

5. Support the Couples

This is for the people that are not so bitter about Valentines Day. I mean, Single is okay and it’s not like you’ll be single forever anyways. Support every couple you see instead of being hateful towards them. Like their post on social media and leave a lovely comment. The day will come that you will be no longer single during this day and it would also be nice to receive the support from your friends towards your love life.

6. Watch “A Funny Valentine” Comedy Concert

Shameless plug I know but why not consider watching a comedy concert? This doesn’t happen often so take advantage and spend a day with the countries top comedians – Pokwang, Pooh, K Brosas and Chokoleit as FaceDown Productions and Events brings you “A Funny Valentines“. In a relationship or it’s complicated,  A Funny Valentine is perfect for your Valentine getaway. Fell more in love or laugh the night away this coming February 11, 2017, 07:30PM at Hoops Dome Lapu-Lapu City Cebu and on February 12, 2017, 06:30PM at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu. Enjoy a night of “Hugot Lines”, witty spoofs, laughter and great music that will send you flying to the roofs!

Feb 11 @ Hoops Dome (LapuLapu)
General Admission- 350 | Upper Box- 800 | Lower Box- 1000 | Court Area – 1700 | VIP – 2200
Feb 12 @ Marco Polo (Cebu)
3000 with buffet dinner | 3500 with buffet dinner (VIP seats).
Tickets are available at The Retail Therapy store in Capitol, Cebu; One Events, Eden Place, Lapu-Lapu City Hall and in all Rico’s Lechon Cebu branch or you may inquire at 0999 500 0200. Visit their Facebook page here for more.


I may not be single this coming Valentine’s Day but trust me, been there done that. I hope you enjoy my tips and actually took notes. You’ll thank me later! 😉

Also, thinking of giving away 2 Gold tickets to the concert. Let me know on the comment section below and I might host an Instagram Giveway!

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