Beach Day!

DSCF5775 (3)

I am a day late but I’m throwing it back to last year’s day at the beach. 

I know layering is not the most ideal choice to go for when spending a day at the beach but I went for it anyway. This dress really caught my attention when I first saw it hanging at the thrift shop but one tiny problem was the fit. It gets too revealing at some areas and I though maybe a bandeau underneath can fix the problem so I bought it anyway.

It was our day trip at Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu that I decided to take this dress for a spin. But honestly I didn’t feel comfortable wearing just a bandeau that I decided to give the shirt-under-a-dress/cami trend. Overall, I felt very comfortable the whole day despite layering 2 pieces of clothing at the beach. One important thing to consider when you decide to do layers in a tropical country like the Philippines is the clothing material. Pieces should be in breathable material and also balancing is the key like how I styled my look in these set of photos.

DSCF5762 (2)

DSCF5773 (2)DSCF5771 (2)DSCF5758 (3)

DSCF5768 (3)DSCF5770 (4)

Finished the look with a straw hat and a lace flat sandals. I feel so kpop. LOL What do you think?

DSCF5767 (3)

DSCF5764 (3)

Thrifted top and dress | Lace flat sandals from S&H (Sm Department store)

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