Tried Eyelash Perm for the First Time at Hey Sugar Waxing Salon

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Taking you with me as I experienced having my lashes perm for the first time! 

So just days before I left for Southern Leyte on the last week of December, I made time to drop by Hey Sugar Waxing Salon‘s newest branch at SM City Cebu. They actually invited me to come over and I was excited to try their services and indeed I came out of their store very satisfied!!

DSCF6078 (2)

First of all, can we just talk about the interiors? ughhh I immediately fell in love the moment I stepped inside the place. Badly need those frames as an addition to my yellow striped wall in my room!

DSCF6077 (2)

And floral wallpapers? YASSSS

DSCF6076 (2)

These are some of the brand’s products displayed at their ‘reception’ area.

DSCF6080 (2)

DSCF6079 (2)

Each client will have their own personal room.

DSCF6083 (2)

Except for this area. As what I recall, this area is for the treading services.

I came a bit early so I was able to tour around the rooms.

DSCF6088 (2)

Loved how every room is different from the other. This one (above) was my favorite.

DSCF6094 (2)

DSCF6095 (2)

DSCF6098 (2)

DSCF6096 (2)

Now on to Hey Sugar’s services. I originally planned on getting their ‘frost me’ eyelash extensions. I heard good and bad reviews online about having eyelash extension but I wanted to experience it myself to know if it’ll work for me. Unfortunately, I learned during my visit that it is a bit risky (or at least that’s what the girls from Hey Sugar told me) for people like me with bad eyesight, specifically if you’re around 200+ grade on my eyes and I currently have 500/550 on both my eye (I’m not sure if those are the exact words to describe my eye sight but you get what I mean).

This is because having eyelash extensions involves a specific glue to glue on the fake lashes to your original lashes. I tell you, Hey Sugar is guaranteed safe but again they won’t recommend it on people in my situation because they can never know the reaction of the glue on me. I really appreciate the girls from Hey Sugar for being honest about it and not just doing it anyways for the sake of revenue. At first they asked me to sign a waiver but again they really insisted not to do the procedure as much as possible. I can really tell their sincerity on the services that they do and they will let you know what’s best for you. They recommended the lash perm instead since this procedure is okay for everyone.

After having to settle on getting my lashes permed, I still got excited! Because I really thought I wouldn’t be able to avail any services that involves my lashes and honestly I felt relieved after the girls recommended the lash perm. YAY! At least I can still beautify these lashes of mine somehow!


Lashes situation before the lash perm procedure.

DSCF6120 (2)

My face situation during the procedure. It might look like there is so much going on but it’s just basically my lashes well rested on a mini hump and some perming solutions to curl them babies out.

DSCF6125 (2)

From the top angle. Taking these photos by myself is really not that easy! hahaha


TADAAAAAAAAAA! Don’t you just love them? I’m obsessed!


I also had my eyebrows threaded and I’ve never been so satisfied! I first had my brows threaded back when I was still in high school studying abroad (the time when it was not so common here yet) and I almost forgot how nice the result of it in your over all face look. Makes you getting ready faster than the usual. It even looks on fleek without any eyebrow products on!


A photo two days after my visit at Hey Sugar! Literally my #IWokeUpLikeThis moment!

Now here’s a list of services that they offer for your reference:

DSCF6146 (2)

I availed the package no. 6.
This includes the lash perm, eyebrow threading and underarm waxing all for 600 pesos! So sulit!!

Their waxing services btw uses organic products that won’t hurt your skin in the long run! I recommend you to try the hot waxing one.

DSCF6147 (2)

I really recommend you to try eyelash perming. The procedure was painless for sure and will last up to 3 months! I’m definitely gonna come back!

DSCF6156 (2)

Thank you again to hey Sugar Waxing Salon for having me!

Hey Sugar Waxing Salon is located at SM City Cebu, 2nd floor just in front of the gov’t services. They also have a branch in Sm Seaside City and I believe in Ayala Center Cebu too!

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9 thoughts on “Tried Eyelash Perm for the First Time at Hey Sugar Waxing Salon

    1. For the perming process itself, it should take around half an hour. I did the package 6 with eyebrow threading and underarm waxing and it took me an hour+ there. Lash perm lasted me around 2-3 months or more depending on your after care. 🙂

  1. Hi! The picture of their services weren’t that clear. Id like to clarify how much the lash perm procedure alone is? Thank you 😊

    1. My apologies for the late reply. I’m afraid they don’t have eyebrow tinting at Hey Sugar but you may visit one of their branches as I believe they have a sister shop that do most of the eyebrow services. 🙂

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