Tried Lash Extensions for the First Time at New Lounge PH

It’s my first time getting my lashes done with extension and of course with only the best – New Lounge PH.

Remember that time, 2 years ago when Heart Evangelista flew a team to China to Retouch Her Lash Extensions? Yep the lash team was from New Lounge. That was when I first heard about this lash place and the first thing that came to my mind was, “Wow. They must be THAT good for Heart E to trust them especially when she’s working into a big secret project in China.”

At that time, New Lounge only have branches in Manila but over the last year (if I’m not mistaken) they finally opened a branch in Cebu City! Specifically at One Paseo, Paseo Saturnino, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu and recently also opened a branch at Shangri-La Mactan.

Lash History

The last thing I did something with my lashes was when I had it permed way back 2017. After having it permed for the first time which lasted for a while, I can honestly say that I liked it so much at that time that I wanted to do it again. Unfortunately the 2nd time I went, I somehow got declined for safety reasons. They decided not to push through and risk it due to my high eye grade. Which I totally respect them for sharing their concerns to me but after that, I never really considered any service that involves lashes since then because the last thing I would want is an infected eye.


First Time Lash Extension Experience

A few weeks ago, I finally got a chance to visit New Lounge at One Paseo and tried to have lash extension for the first time. It was a sunny Saturday when I had my appointment. During this time of pandemic, booking in advance is recommended as they only allow a minimum number of persons in the clinic as part of their safety protocol. I arrived at their Banilad branch was greeted by a warm welcome and was provided a new set of PPE for me to use during the whole session. my Phone is also wrapped in a zip lock.

I had the Prominent Eyes (Dramatic & Volume Full Set) in Doll Eye, Size 10mm and 11mm in length. The whole process took around 1.5 hours and involves you laying down on their comfortable black chair couch, eyes shut for the entire session. I came prepared by bringing my bluetooth earphones but tbh, I was mostly sleeping half way through the session. haha.

IMG_20210116_153112-01 IMG_20210116_153108-01 IMG_20210116_153206-01 IMG_20210116_152853-01

My Verdict

Though I don’t have any other experience to compare this with, overall it was super smooth. I did notice the glue that made me teary eyed a little bit during the session but it wasn’t really painful. I also asked around and my friends mentioned that New Lounge has the most less “hapdos” glue out of all the lash clinics they’ve tried here in Cebu. Which means less sting feeling on the eyes compared to the others and I kind of agree because I wasn’t really struggling.

As for the overall look, I love it!! I feel normal like I couldn’t really tell that I’ve done something new on my eyes and it’s very lightweight too! Few hours after the session it made me realize why I haven’t had done it sooner! I would have saved so much time trying to look good everyday pre-pandemic! I know i’m very late to the lash extension game. Forgive me! haha

Would I recommend it to everyone? Absolutely!!

PhotoGrid_Plus_1610800185632-01 IMG_20210116_181608-01

How to maintain it?

Well, 2-3 weeks (after having the full set) is the suggested touch up of the lashes but I’m currently 3 and a half weeks in and my lashes are still on point! The only real struggle I’ve experienced so far is really how I can’t simple just rub my eyes in the morning trying to get rid of the gound in my eyes a.k.a my muta haha I also thought that washing my face will be a struggle but it’s really not. I just need to wash my face gently now though and not rub my eyes harshly. I use a facial wash and it’s all good!

But there are restrictions. No eyeliners and no mascara products as much as possible when you have your extensions on. Which is not a big deal for me to be honest as those two aren’t normally part of my make up routine.

Please see below for price reference:


I hope you find this post helpful! You can visit their website or their instagram to learn more about New Lounge PH and their services.


2 thoughts on “Tried Lash Extensions for the First Time at New Lounge PH

  1. I’ve always wanted to try getting lash extensions but my only concern is that I always rub my eyes lol. They look good by the way, looks fresh & natural =)

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