Photo Dairies: Road tripin’ at Southern Leyte

DSC_0557 (2)

Now back at the city with some daily grind but honestly, I haven’t still quite moved on yet from the previous holidays. Especially the time when I was at the province of Southern Leyte. Still day dreaming of how chill it was there. Having to wake up at your own time without any obligations to attend to – well aside from having breakfast and coffee in the morning because for me breakfast is a must when I’m not at home or basically when you’re at a province, I feel like breakfast is the most important meal of the day and that it shouldn’t be missed. haha But really, time there is very slow, no traffic, no rush hours, no noise pollution (except for the karaoke place nearby that plays every single night which I secretly liked, well at least during my stay) basically a perfect getaway from the busy and fast paced environment like Cebu City. Just what I needed!

Now let me take you with me during our road trip from Padre Burgos to Maasin City and back. I forgot to mention on my previous post that it wasn’t my first time being here. My last visit (which was actually my first) was mid last year and we only had limited time then so I wasn’t really able to visit the main city of Maasin. So i didn’t want to miss it this time thus the reason behind this road trip – for me to explore what Maasin City has to offer. I didn’t expect much but I did enjoy my time there! We rode a motorcycle and thankfully it didn’t rain until after we watched the sunset at a nearby beach before heading home.

DSC_0562 (2)

DSC_0569 (2)




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DSC_0713 (3)

DSC_0714 (2)


DSC_0726 (2)

Top: Pull & Bear | Bottom: H&M
Locale: Punta Beach, Macrohon | Maasin City | Southern Leyte

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