#KeiseeeDines: Dinner at Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen & Okonomiyaki

DSCF6174 (2)

Authentic ramen discovery after a whole afternoon of pampering session!

After my salon visit (which I blogged about on my previous post), I directly went to my best friend’s place for some much needed catching up. We also did our post exchange gifts in line for the Christmas celebration. We initially planned to make dinner at their place but we got lazy (too lazy that I literally had a 2 hour nap!) and woke up around 7:30pm already. I was told by my best friend that she’ll bring me out for dinner instead. She got ready and we drove around the city and find ourselves at this hole in a wall authentic ramen place somewhere in Cabangcalan.

And yes, I’m talking about Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen Okonomiyaki. I’ve been craving for ramen for a very long time now. Tbh, I haven’t had a bowl for months! Well except for that instant ramen I had last month, but I mean a real authentic ramen and I was very glad my best friend brought me here!! 

DSCF6164 (2)

The view from where we are seated. I haven’t been to Japan (and I seriously wish though!) but the ambiance really feels like your in an Authentic Japanese restaurant in Tokyo or something.

DSCF6165 (2)

For solo eaters so you wont feel completely lonely. haha

DSCF6179 (2)

We had two bowls of ramen, extra egg and one order of Takoyaki (my fave!).

DSCF6168 (2)

Noukou Kotteri (P290) – A sticky soup boiled for 24 hours!
This is their best selling ramen and I believe this dish is rich in Calcium and Collagen.


TanTan Men (P260) – Pork bone with sesame seeds and Japanese spices
A kick of flavor and spice in this bowl.

DSCF6184 (2)

Takoyaki (P90) – Grilled Japanese Dumplings with diced Octopus, Green Onions and Bonito Flakes
Need I say more?

Now here are the rest of their menu for your reference:

DSCF6159 (2)

DSCF6161 (2)

DSCF6162 (2)

Sachi Authentic Japanese Ramen Okonomiyaki Business Hours:

Monday to Saturday
Lunch time – 11am to 2pm (last order at 1:45pm)
Dinner time – 5pm to 10pm (last order at 9:45pm)

Sunday (no lunch available)
Dinner time – 5pm to 10pm

DSCF6185 (2)

Please excuse my #iwokeuplikethis look haha and yes I’m out with a total bare face! No face products, not even a single tinted moisturizer. It’s nice to let our face breath once in a while. Anyway, really enjoyed my time with my best friend. To more food trips in the future! Also, I can’t wait to come back here and hopefully with the boyfriend next time!

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