What to Expect for Influencity 2019

It’s almost August and that only means one thing – Influencity 2019 is coming up! If you’re a Cebuano and haven’t heard of Influencity then you must be living under a rock! Lol kidding. If you have no idea at all then read on.

IMG_6770 (2)

Influencity is created to bring together lifestyle content creators all in one event. It aims to provide an avenue for content creator-follower interaction, promote partner brands and present collaborative work opportunities between content creators and brands. Furthermore, Influencity aims to bolster camaraderie among content creators from different blogging groups and social media platforms.


As for this year’s leg, dubbed as Influencity: A Wanderlust’s Fair, the event will gather travel enthusiasts to one venue to learn some travel tricks, tips on travel photography and OOTD from their favorite content creators.


The event is happening on August 17 & 18, 2019 (mall hours) at the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu. The event is open to everyone and registration is free.

Who’s Going?

They will be inviting content creators not only from Cebu but all over the country.

What to Expect?

20+ Booths

You will not only meet me content creators there at the venue but they also have their own booth where they sell their pre-loved clothes, bags and shoes during the 2-day event.

Travel Tips

They will be inviting content creators to share about their passion and their creative knowledge through travel talks and tips.

Games and Raffles

To make the event more interactive, there will be various games and raffles all through out the day. Attendees can drop by the different booths for exciting activities and perks.

A Look at Last Year’s Influencity 2018

IMG_6737 (2)
Last year’s photo wall.
IMG_6694 (2)
My booth where I sell my preloved clothes, accessories and unused beauty products!
IMG_6700 (2)
@iamsophiasanchez’s booth
IMG_6703 (2)
@jessejakedaan’s booth!

IMG_6705 (2)

IMG_6707 (2)
Booth buddies: Sophia and Jesse!

IMG_6710 (2)

IMG_6713 (2)

IMG_6714 (2)
@etiennechantal’s booth!
IMG_6717 (2)
@lloydandbehold’s booth!

IMG_6720 (2)

IMG_6723 (2)
@Tonipino’s booth!

IMG_6724 (2)

IMG_6728 (2)

IMG_6730 (2)
@Jeancyu’s booth!

IMG_6741 (2)

IMG_6789 (2)
@vinaguerrero and @davidguison was there to join us last year
IMG_6803 (2)
More ootd shots

IMG_6822 (2)

IMG_6825 (2)

IMG_6829 (2)

IMG_6846 (2)

I hope this post got you a glimpse on what to expect in this 2 day event.  Make sure to follow @influencityph on Facebook and @influencity.ph on Instagram for more latest updates! Looking forward to seeing you there! #Influencity2019 #InfluencityPH #AyalaMalls #AyalaCenterCebu


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