Femme Luxe Haul + Review: Loungewear

I have been meaning to try online shopping from a website that’s not based in the Philippines for so long now but to be honest, I am really scared they might get stuck at customs or worst, don’t arrived in my doorsteps. Not just that but when it comes to clothing, I just have trust issues especially on the quality and finding the right size for me. Now that I have ordered from Femme Luxe Refinery, I am happy to share that it successfully arrived and below is my overall review.

Just a little background, I haven’t really heard of this brand/shop before until my friend, Sophia posted about them a few months ago. Femme Luxe Finery is a UK based online shop that offers affordable fashion with the latest trends in women’s clothing and luxe style dresses. To be honest, while checking their website, I was a bit intimidated. Maybe because of their featured model which is way far from my current body type! lol But still didn’t stop me from giving them a shot.

For this specific haul, I focused on their lounge wear. If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I have been working out recently and although these items are more of a lounge wear aka the airport look, you can’t deny they can also pass as a workout outfit! Am I right?

Dusky Pink With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set – Lexi

2019-07-22 04.04.10 1

2019-07-22 04.04.12 1

Type: Lounge Wear Set | Sale Prize: £18.99 or P1209.81 | Size: UK 12 | Color: Dusty Pink | Get it here.

Review: For it’s price, the material is just right! Definitely not too thin and it is really comfortable as a lounge wear. Color is what I expect it to be too from just seeing the photos online. My only problem is that I should just have stick to my original size of UK 8/10. The pants is a bit loose on  me especially the bum area (or the lack thereof). Other than working on my bum LOL everything’s perf!

Rust With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set – Lexi

2019-07-22 04.04.13 1

2019-07-22 04.04.15 1

Type: Lounge Wear Set | Sale Prize: £15.99 or P1018.69 | Size: UK 12  | Color: Rust | Get it here.

Review: This is the exact same set as above except in a Rust color. I really like the color on this one. Not blinding but just right. Same problem with the size as I ordered way too big for my body frame thinking it would be cool to have it kinda over sized but I suggest you stick with your size as this is designed to  have that kind of body hugging effect.  I also notice that this is a bit more looser than the one in dusty pink even thought I ordered both on size 12.  The top I can get away with because I like loose tops but the pants is just a bit bigger. But again my fault for ordering way too big for me. hehe

Black Off Shoulder Loungewear Set – Blake

2019-07-22 04.04.08 1

2019-07-22 04.04.09 1

Type: Lounge Wear Set | Sale Prize: £15.99 or P1018.69 | Size: UK 12 | Color: Black | Get it here.

Review: Another set in a classic black. Same material as the one above but sort of on a different cut and style. Off shoulder top and the bottoms actually have pockets which I like. Surprisingly, this fits me perfectly despite ordering the same size 12 (large) as above. Excited to wear this out!

Bonus: Black Tweed Layered Skirt – Sarai

2019-07-22 04.04.06 1

2019-07-22 04.04.07 1

Type: Tweed Skirt | Sale Prize: £15.99 or P891.27  | Size: UK 12 (Ordered way too big, my fault) | Color: Black | Get it here.

Review: Not a lounge wear but is part of this Femme Luxe order was this tweed skirt. Again what was I thinking? Ordering a skirt on size 12?! Ugh I love this so much but as you can see in the photo above,  obviously it is way too loose on me. Might have it altered soon but overall, the tweed material is legit and the cut of the skirt is perfect as well! I could just imagine getting the right size and rocking this at work, events, or even for my upcoming winter trip by the end of this year!! Should visit the alter shop stat!!


Femme Luxe Finery sure did not disappoint! I obviously was not familiar of the UK sizing and it was honestly my fault for thinking sizing up won’t have that big of the difference. But again, stick to your size as they are TRUE TO SIZE! As for shipping experience, I placed my order last June 18, 2019 and it arrive July 18, 2019 at our local post office. I about a month but I ain’t mad about it as I blame that on our local postal system. For my fellow Filipinos ordering from Femme Luxe or other shop from abroad, just expect a handling fee of P112 upon claiming your package at the postal office. I would love to order again for sure!!


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