Travel Diaries: A Visit to Calauit Safari Park | Coron, Palawan

Second day in Coron Palawan and we spent the day exploring Calauit Island, a 3,700 hectare island off the coast of Palawan where Calauit Safari Park is located. It is known for its wildlife sanctuary with a substantial population of African animals, including giraffes, zebras, and antelopes, as well as local fauna that all roam freely.


It was a Tuesday and we had an early call time of 5:00 am. We then had breakfast and our van departed at exactly 6:00am. The ride from Coron to Calauit was around 1 hour plus so feel free to take a nap during the ride. First stop was at Busuanga Town Proper. We got to drop by at Busuanga Municipal Hall (photo above) and took some touristy pics and then off to the safari!

P.S the road to Calauit was very curvy so it may cause car sickness to some by the end of the ride like a few of my friends. eeek.


We booked an agency during our tour so we really didn’t have to worry with payments fees whatsoever during the whole day (well expect they collected P100 for environmental fee(?) I wasn’t really sure why it was separated from the tour payment but we didn’t bother paying it anyway).

We arrived at this place (photo above) where we got to register our names. From what I understand, this is where you should go when entering to the safari which is kind of surprise for me (in a good way). I knew the safari was in another island but this process makes it more organize as they will be aware of all the people entering the island. From here you get to hop on a small boat going to the safari entrance.






The boat ride will only take approx 5 mins. Upon arrival, we were requested to sign up on the registration area. After this you will be given an option to ride the service that will cost you another P125 per person. Our group skipped the service ride and opted to just explore by foot. If you don’t mind the hike then I suggest you skip the service ride and just walk through the park.


2019-07-09 08.37.51 3

Upon walking towards the first stop, we were already greeted by some zebras chilling under the shade. At first I really thought it was a statue, not until its tail started to sway! It was then that I realized that they were real and just chilling and stood up steadily. lol

Anyway, the first stop was the giraffe feeding area. This scene for me was the first of its kind from all the other animal sanctuary (or zoo) that I have been too! Us humans are actually the one inside a cage feeding them while the giraffes are the one outside free to roam! You are supposed to enter the ‘feeding cage’ by batch so while waiting for out turn, we got to take photos of the giraffe and zebras chilling under the shade (photos below).

P.S It was really hot during our visit so I suggest you bring a long scarf (which thankfully I did) or an umbrella to keep you in shade 🙂

2019-07-12 05.11.08 2

2019-07-10 12.30.19 1

2019-07-12 05.04.14 2

2019-08-04 05.49.45 1

Photo Shot By Jonathan

2019-08-04 05.49.46 1

Photo Shot By Jonathan

2019-07-22 10.56.40 2

Also the shot above was such a memorable photos because I literally just witnessed how this tall fella tried to pick up some leaves on the ground and next thing you know he started spreading his legs wide to reach it. Good thing I was able to pull out my camera quickly and captured this. Such an epic moment! Never knew why could even do that! hahaha


So aside from the giraffe and zebras which is what this place is known for, they have actually some other animals in this sanctuary too, including Calamian deer, turtles, boar, monkeys, crocs and even an anaconda!





We spent the whole morning at the safari, head back to the Busuanga town proper to have lunch then off to another adventure.  Unfortunately, we’re kinda bummed we weren’t able to do island hopping  due to the agency’s misfortune so we ended up spending the rest of the afternoon at Ocam Ocam beach. Not the nicest from all the beach that I have been too but hey, it’s all about the company anyway!






We went straight to our accommodation after, but you have an option to drop by this souvenir shop at the Coron town proper for some pasalubong shopping.









Travel buddies slash forever 3rd wheeling this two. remember my Boracay trip? HAHAHA

That’s it for day 2! Sharing Day 1 and  more stories on the next post so make sure  to stay tuned!

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