2 Full Days in Bantayan Island | Travel Guide & Itinerary

I know this is a long time coming but sharing this anyway just in time for summer! Me and my friends took this trip last year and we only spent a total of 2 nights with 2 full days of exploring the island. Read more as I will be in details (with photos) on what we exactly did, where we went and what we eat during this trip.  This is quite lengthy and informative so be ready! haha

Cebu to Bantayan Island

In order to get to Bantayan Island from Cebu City, you need to ride a Ceres bus from Cebu City to Hagnayan Port. Ceres bus to Hagnayan Port are located at the North Bus Terminal. Just ask where the right bus to Hagnayan Port and you are good to go. It should only cost you P120 for the bus ride. We took the earliest morning departure at around 3am.

When arriving at Hagnayan Port, you need to ride a ferry to bring you to Sta. Fe Bantayan Island. Regular rates are at P180 per pax plus a terminal fee of P10.

To give you a map vision, click here to see.

bantayan 1
bus on the way to Hagnayan Port
IMG_20180818_065017 (2)
Arrived at Hagnayan Port around 7AM
IMG_20180818_065430 (2)
Schedule departures from Hagnayan port to Sta. fe Bantayan Island
IMG_20180818_065739 (2)
Time to board the ferry!
IMG_20180818_065823 (2)
Groupie! with Sophia, Issa, Jesse and Aljune
IMG_20180818_070021 (2)
Sat here inside as outside tend to be so windy during the trip

IMG_20180818_072647 (2)

IMG_20180818_072932 (2)

Bantayan 2
Another P30 ecological fee when you arrive at sta. fe port. I know too many fees at this point but this is the last! haha

IMG_20180818_083830 (2)

Make sure to ask your accommodation if they provide pick ups from the port to their place. When they do, they usually are ready for you the moment you arrive the port to bring you to your stay.

IMG_20180818_083927_1 (2)


We had Beach Placid as our home for 2 nights. If you want a beach front accommodation, you might want to consider this place.

IMG_20180818_084128 (2)

IMG_20180818_090237 (2)

bantayan 3


Our rooms wasn’t ready yet when we arrived so we just left our bags at the reception and started to explore the island. But first thing’s first – FOOD! We are starving! We found a carenderia on our way to rent some bikes. Fresh baked scallops please!

IMG_20180818_095034 (2)

There was also a few souvenir shops and ukay-ukay nearby the carenderia.

Bantayan 4

The best place to explore the island is on a bike. You can rent bikes for the whole duration of your stay in the island. Bike rentals is usually charged per day. Your accommodation most likely have bikes for rent but cheaper option is at the main town of Sta. Fe. Just ask around where you can rent one and the locals are happy enough to lead you there. It will cost you around P00 per day for bike rentals

IMG_20180818_110002 (2)

The Ruins

Probably the farthest to go on bike is at The Ruins which is where we first went. Nothing quite the same from the one in Bacolod but from it’s name, it is an abandoned place where people like to go for photo ops.

IMG_7101 (2)

IMG_20180818_114128 (2)

IMG_7089 (2)

Next is this place where there are a lot of coconut trees. You can pass this on the way to the ruins but we decided to stop by on the way back from the ruins. Nothing spectacular really but we just thought it’s a great backdrop for more photo ops. haha!

IMG_20180818_112628 (2)
IMG_20180818_112502 (2)

IMG_20180818_112031 (2)

Next is the beach! Finally! but we did not decide to dip in just yet as it was still noon and the sun is quite harsh at the moment. We just dropped by and appreciated the view because why not right?

IMG_20180818_111058 (2)

IMG_20180818_111030 (2)

It was right after lunch when we went back to our accommodation and had a late lunch at their restaurant. Our room was ready so we got time to relax and freshen up before our dinner time. I was so tired that when I went to the beach front, I literally just slept at one of those beach chaise lounge.

IMG_20180818_141617 (2)



Now that we are energize, we are now on our way to dinner at Lady’s American Diner (which I blogged more about here)

IMG_20180818_175314 (2)

IMG_20180818_191948 (2)

IMG_7230 (2)


Our second day was beach day! We started the day at The Ruins again and head straight to swimming at Sugar Beach. We stop by a few places along the way to take photos too!

IMG_20180819_110725 (2)


IMG_20180819_111745 (2)

IMG_20180819_111201 (2)


We also stop by this ‘street food on the go’ called Frito Express for some snacks. This on-the-go vendor is located in front of the Ogtong Cave entrance which is just on the way to and from The Ruins.

IMG_20180819_112403 (2)

IMG_20180819_112344 (2)

Bantayan 5

IMG_20180819_114659 (2)
Sugar Beach
IMG_20180819_120619_1 (2)
Also one of the nicest beach I have been to. The white sand stretches so far from the shore!


We went back to our room to freshen up after swimming at Sugar beach then went straight to Lady’s American Diner to have lunch and some desserts. Took the chance to take more OOTDs as well!

IMG_20180819_142245 (2)

IMG_20180819_162010 (2)

IMG_7454 (2)

We had lunch and desserts at Lady’s American Diner. Their milkshakes are a must try!

IMG_7469 (2)

Next stop is at Frio Lifestyle Cafe (blogged here) . We were supposed to have our breakfast here but change of plans so we went here to witness the sunset instead while having merienda. Still quite a great time to chill and bond with friends.

IMG_20180819_165913 (2)

IMG_7649 (2)

IMG_20180819_174000 (2)

IMG_20180819_181853 (2)

Seriously, all we did in this trip was to eat! haha Next stop was at Krab Krib located inside MJ Square. We had our dinner there and had a few drinks at Liquido which is located just next to Krab Krib.

IMG_7773 (2)

IMG_20180819_214844 (2)

IMG_7771 (2)

IMG_7848 (2)

After at Liquido, it was time to hit the sacks as we plan to catch the early boat ride back from Sta. fe to Hagnayan port the next morning.

IMG_20180820_095547 (2)

No meed to pay ecological fee of P30 at the port, just the boat ride fare and the P10 pesos terminal fee. as for the bus it would cost you the same. amount when you had the ride from Cebu to Hagnayan port.

IMG_20180820_095933 (2)

IMG_20180820_100511 (2)


Day 1
3AM Depart from North Bus Terminal to  Hagnayan Port
7AM Depart from Hagnayan Port to Sta. Fe
8AM Arrived at Sta. Fe and went straight to the accommodation
8:30AM Arrived at Beach Placid and left our bags there
9AM onwards:
– Had Breakfast at a carenderia
– Rented a bike
– The ruins
– Sugar beach
1PM Lunch at Beach Placid
2PM Free time
– Spent time at the Beach Front of Beach Placid
– nap
6PM Dinner at Lady’s American Diner
8PM Free time
Day 2
8AM Woke up
8:30AM head to The Ruins
9AM Arrived at The Ruins
10AM head to Sugar Beach
10:30AM Swimming time!
12PM Head back to room to freshen up
1PM Lunch
2PM Free time
4PM Sunset at Frio Lifestyle Cafe
7PM Dinner at Krab Krib, MJ Square
Day 3
7AM Woke up
8AM headed to the port to catch the first boat ride to Hagnayan port
1PM approx arrival in Cebu

Hope you find this information useful. Obviously what we mostly did during this trip was to take photos, relax, and EAT! haha There’s so much other things to do in Bantayan so feel free to modify this itinerary to fit your needs.



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  1. This is so i formative.. I am so greatfull to read your blog. I also invite you to Dumaguete & Siquijor Island or Sipalay Thank You.

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