Afternoons at Frio Lifestyle Cafe | Bantayan Island

Just got back from my Boracay trip and I can finally finish this post that’s been sitting on my draft for weeks!

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On my first Bantayan post, I blogged about the newest diner place in the island. Today, I am sharing yet another place where you can have brunch or an afternoon snack and that is Frio Lifestyle Cafe.

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Me and my friends are supposed to go there for breakfast but change of plans so we went there for some afternoon snacks instead.

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It is a tricycle away from the main area of Bantayan (but not that far, depends on where you are staying). I suggest you get the number of the tricycle you rode on the way there so that you will have a ride going back as the place is a bit uncommercialized pa.

The location is near a lake and is surrounded with a lot of greenery, definitely something different from the typical beach locale. Nevertheless, it still have that chill-ness that I was expecting in this place. I can imagine myself chatting with friends (which we did) or read a book while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

IMG_20180819_172602 (2)

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Here’s a copy of their menu:

IMG_7708 (2)

Breakfast options are at P165, already comes with 2 eggs, rice or toast and a choice of orange juice or coffee. They also have sandwiches for P145 and waffles for P120. Hot and cold beverages is at P100 more or less.

IMG_7710 (2)

IMG_20180819_172944 (2)

IMG_7714 (2)

IMG_7717 (2)

IMG_7742 (2)

IMG_7746 (2)

IMG_7749 (2)

IMG_7758 (2)

IMG_20180819_180131 (2)IMG_20180819_174000 (2)

If you are looking for a place to chill over breakfast food and drinks, with great vibes then Frio Lifestyle Cafe is the place to go. I highly recommend! You can also do Stand Up Paddle in the lake nearby. Visit their Facebook page here for more.

Frio Lifestyle Cafe is located at Balidbid, Santa Fe, Cebu, Philippines. You can find it on google maps!

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