Waking Up for Breakfast at Kowloon Shangri-La

Waking up and realized there’s a breakfast buffet waiting for you downstairs is one of the best feeling ever!

IMG_1137 (2)

It was our first morning in Hong Kong and woke up at our lovely Deluxe Harbour View Room. Last time I visited Hong Kong was 10 years ago (2008) so I really have no idea what to expect in a Chinese/Asian themed breakfast buffet.

IMG_1070 (2)

Me and my boyfriend woke up at around 8am and directly got ready to head to the breakfast buffet at Cafe Kool.

IMG_1154 (2)

When we entered, we were greeted by Deli Kool on the right and a CNY installation right in front of us (we visited during Chinese New Year Season last February hence the CNY installation). Deli Kool has a lot of pastries and cakes which you can buy separately.

IMG_1148 (2)

IMG_1149 (2)

Now on to the buffet. On the right there were a lot of options of pastries. From croissants, cupcakes, french bread, doughnuts, etc.

IMG_1076 (2)

Untitled design

IMG_1075 (2)

IMG_1078 (2)

There is also a do-it-your-own frozen yogurt station and a Häagen-Dazs corner!! It made me excited to finish my main breakfast so I can indulge myself in desserts!

IMG_1081 (2)

IMG_1086 (2)

Now to the main dishes. What I noticed is that the buffet is mainly focus on different Asian cuisine. Although there is a cereal corner and some English breakfast selection but there is a dim sum station, Soba station and Dosai station in the main area of the buffet.

IMG_1112 (2)

IMG_1098 (2)

IMG_1113 (2)

IMG_1114 (2)

IMG_1116 (2)

IMG_1117 (2)

IMG_1118 (2)

IMG_1121 (2)

Like most breakfast buffet, they also have this corner where you can have your eggs cooked the way you liked it. Sunny side up, anyone? or some omelet perhaps

IMG_1122 (2)

IMG_1124 (2)

The cereal and English breakfast station I mentioned earlier.

IMG_1110 (2)

IMG_1109 (2)

IMG_1126 (2)

Their fresh juice are the bomb! So refreshing to have in the morning. Also wait, did I mentioned that they have a Yakult corner? Yasss gurl you will never ran out of Yakult in this buffet! #Yakultgirlrighthere #noshame
 IMG_1130 (2)

IMG_1137 (2)

IMG_20180216_101255 (2)

Please excuse my puffy eyes. Literally just woke up, put on some eyebrows (because hello, Kilay is life) and went straight down to have breakfast. Also, can you see my Yakult? LOL

Ohh and the Food and Beverage Manager was also kind enough to meet us there and welcomed us on our first morning. I really felt the hospitality; not just from him but from every staff we bumped into during our whole stay.

IMG_1157 (2)

That’s basically it! My apologies if you end up starving after seeing these photos! haha Now I’m craving for some dimsum!


Low-key stealing brought a bottle of Yakult on my way up to my room. Hihihi

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