Celebrating 3 Years With My Cebu Fashion Bloggers Family

A couple of weeks ago, Cebu Fashion Bloggers celebrated yet another year – a total of nine years as a community here in Cebu and as a tradition, we gather ourselves and catch up on one another over dinner. Although a month late (because CFB’s Anniversary falls every 15th of July), we really tried our best to consider as much members as possible despite all of our busy schedules and we end up having the 31st of August to spend an evening together. I must say, each celebration just keeps getting better and better and this year it couldn’t be more special as we celebrated it with one of the best premium resort in Cebu, Shangri-la’s Mactan Resort and Spa.

How I Started Blogging

Well, just before I share to you what went down during the dinner, I wanna talk to you guys on how I ended up as part of the Cebu Fashion Bloggers. To be honest, if you ask me nine years ago, I wouldn’t really know there was such a community here in Cebu let alone thinking of writing down my thoughts in a digital space would be something I would actually enjoy doing. I didn’t grew up liking books and reading it, in fact i hated it back in the day, I hate writing essays too! Who knew years later i’d become a blogger!

My interest in blogging started out when I had a Tumblr account and religiously scrolling through its pages. I was in college when I was at the top of the Tumblr game and reblog-ing most of my favorite post. There was actually a time when I dreamt of waking up one day and become Tumblr famous! haha What was I thinking?! But yea like i said, my interest on sharing my thoughts started there and eventually along the way I started a separate Tumblr blog to share my thoughts and travel experiences.

I did try to blog constantly but to be honest the laziness always gets the best of me and I only write whenever I’m in the mood or if I have something to say which don’t usually happen often and eventually I stopped. A year later I started another blog again –  and again, I just couldn’t maintain it. It was honestly like a love-hate kind of relationship. It was not until I stayed in Taiwan for 2 month for a summer break that I got to reflect on myself and re-evaluated if this is really something I wanted to do and if yes should I be able to maintain and take it seriously this time and I say yes! I brainstormed for my first few post and thought of a blog name and tada – KeiseeeintheCity was born (in Taiwan). haha!

The Rookies 

I constantly blogged about my life, style and travels experiences ever since I started on June 13th of 2014. A year later, I submitted a application form to join one of the blogging community in my hometown Cebu – Cebu Fashion Bloggers. I remember receiving the email that said that I was officially accepted and now part of the group! They then organized a meet up so we can see each other in real life and there I met my fellow newbies – Sophia, Jesse and Ching – which we then called ourselves “The Rookies”. It was 3 years since then.

Jesse, Sophia, Katrina (me) and Ching on the way to the CFB Anniversary Dinner

The Dinner Venue at Ocean Pavillion,
Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa

The venue was originally at the beachfront but it was raining hours earlier that day so they opted for the second option instead – the Ocean Pavilion which is an  indoor venue (and not a church! Just to make things clear haha! But a lot of weddings are held here so yea). When we arrived at Shangri-La’s main lobby, we were greeted with a van shuttle that has Cebu Fashion Bloggers’ name on it. We they hopped in and the driver drove us to the venue. When we arrived, we were then greeted with two lovely ladies from of Shangri-La’s Marketing Team, Cassandra Cuevas and Jacque Bulawan (who are responsible for making this event possible!) As I enter the pavilion, the first thing I notice was the view of the ocean from where I stood! My camera couldn’t give justice to the actual beauty of the scenery tbh. Then I saw the lovely table which was just a stack of wooden thingy (I am not sure what they are called) with throw pillows on each sides too for us to sit on. It was the simple yet elegant! Then after that, I saw two large teepee set up on both sides which was so picture perfect! and omg the dream catchers! They are not just regular dream catcher because they are actually hand crafted by the Banquet Team of Shangri-La! Kodus to their Manager Neldon Rivera for a job well done!







Clambake Themed Dinner

Now let’s talk about the food! Gosh where do I start? I have been to a lot of dinner invites here and there but Shangri-La’s Executive Chef Roshan Fernando and his amazing team sure did step up their game and prepared a Clambake Themed Dinner for that evening. It was a totally different experience and actually a first for me. I’m glad their team made it memorable for my first clambake dinner experience.






Here are the other Private Dining options at Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort & Spa in case you are interested:

  •  Paradise Island

    Looking out onto the vast Visayan Sea is the resort’s Paradise Island, an idyllic venue in the middle of the beach cove, perfect for guests to have a romantic dinner, an intimate reception or even a private ceremony. The facility is surrounded with abundant foliage and has a patio where guests can linger and contemplate an endless vista of clear waters and blue skies.

  • Gazebo and the Observatory

    The resort also offers guests an unparalleled view of the sea from the intimate luxury of the Gazebo and the Observatory. Exquisite set menus complete the perfect romantic evening in these seaside dining pavilions.

  • Boat Jetty

    Set in our Boat Jetty,surrounded by Mactan’s electric blue waters and under the starlit skies, your personal waiter will serve a palatable set menu of your choice, while you take in the magical atmosphere.

  • Acqua Veranda

    Perched on a rock by the Ocean Wing Pool is the Acqua Veranda, a quaint private setting with an elevated view of our pristine white sand beach. It’s perfect for intimate celebrations with family or friends.

  • CHI Spa Cabana

    Nestled by the gardens with a panoramic view of the cerulean blue seas, the CHI Spa Cabana, is a romantic venue for a truly memorable night. Indulge in a special menu as you listen to the soft crashing waves with your special someone.

    For inquiries and reservation, please call (63 32) 231 0288 or email fbreservations.mac@shangri-la.com.

Group photo with Shangri-La’s Neldon Rivera, Banquet Manager and René D. Egle, General Manager

It sure was an evening of celebration with lots of laughter and good food  that I will never forget. Thank you so so much to Shangri-La Mactan Resort and Spa for our lovely venue of Cebu Fashion Bloggers’ Anniversary Dinner. Also shoutout to Ronah and Ching for organizing everything!

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