The Market by Sugbo Mercado

Finally a food park in Mandaue City!

Although my workplace is very near the main Sugbo Mercado (which made me very accessible to great food thank you very much), it’s about time that the people in Mandaue City and also Lapu-Lapu City have somewhere to go food tripping to and that is the newly opened The Market by Sugbo Mercado – the first ever container food van in Mandaue City.

2018-08-15 03.16.21 1

Last August 1, I was one of the few invited bloggers and media for The Market‘s Social Media Soiree. We had the opportunity to experience the newest food park 2 days before their grand opening last August 3, 2018 and it was everything I imagined it would be.

2018-08-01 10.55.03 1

2018-08-01 11.50.42 2

Now let me share to you 5 things you need to know about The Market:

1. It has over 28 food stalls from your Sugbo Mercado favorites and newest few new ones coming from Mandaue and the rest of Cebu! Also I love how they offer a wide variety of food! With a mix of international and local food, I’m sure you will find something you’ve been craving for. Weather you like Thai food, Indian, Filipino? They have it! Craving for some pizza, curry, pad thai, fruit shake, buffalo wings, crabs, lechon, egg tart, ramen, milktea or lechon baka? Yep! you can have all of these under one roof!

2. It opens 6 days a week!! Compared to their main location at Cebu It Park which opens only during Thursday-Sunday, The Market by Sugbo Mercado is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 5PM until 1AM.

3. Fun and entertainment awaits you at The Market! Enjoy great music with great company while savoring good food . What more can you ask for? Aside from music, they also have Movie Nights every Tuesdays, Slogos Night every Wednesday where you can get a chance to win cash and gc’s and qualify for our 1st Slogo Championships at the end of the Year! On Thursday they have Poetry Night with The Stray Poets and from Friday til Sunday they have Live bands playing on the stage.

4. The Market is located at Mantawi Drive, beside MO2, fronting Westown Lagoon and across UC Med parking. And yes Parking is available at the back of the containerized van.

5. The Market is very much Instagramable! I mean lets be real, that’s what us millennial consider nowadays anyway right? haha


2018-08-01 10.49.20 2

2018-08-01 11.50.42 1

2018-08-01 11.50.37 1

2018-08-01 11.50.34 2

2018-08-01 11.50.34 1

2018-08-01 11.50.35 2

2018-08-01 11.50.35 1

2018-08-01 11.50.36 2

2018-08-01 11.50.36 1

2018-08-01 11.50.41 1

2018-08-01 11.50.38 1

2018-08-01 11.50.40 1

2018-08-01 11.50.37 2

2018-08-01 10.30.19 2

Thank you The Market for having me. I can’t wait to be back and have lechon baka (roast beef) from Cary’s!! Hope you are excited to head there too if you haven’t yet!

For more real time updates on announcements and latest promotion, go follow The Market by Sugbo Mercado on Facebook and on Instagram.
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