Giardino Gelato: My New Favorite Gelato Place!

Whether I am sad, worried or happy – ice cream is definitely my go-to comfort dessert.  My friends absolutely knows how I loooove ice cream so when I got an invitation to try out Giardino Gelato, the newest gelato place at SM Seaside City Cebu, I was beyond excited!

After making waves in Davao City, Giardino Gelato now has a branch here in Cebu and their first branch outside of Davao. What makes Giardino Gelato very special is that they make their gelatos straight from their kitchen inside the store and they use the freshest ingredients using a Carpigiani machine which they got all the way from Italy.

IMG_5065 (2)

We all know that gelato is the Italian word for ice cream but compared to regular ice cream, gelato has more proportions of milk and less cream making the gelato more creamy and dense.

IMG_4966 (2)

Gelato tends to be quite pricey but what I love about Giardino Gelato is that they offer servings that are affordable for everyone!

Small P70 | Regular P100 | Large P160

IMG_4969 (2)

IMG_4972 (2)

I especially love the interior of the store. Despite it being indoor, it will make you feel like you are outside in the streets of Italy or at one’s backyard enjoying your cup of gelato. Isn’t that lovely!?

IMG_5061 (2)

IMG_4971 (2)

IMG_5060 (2)

IMG_4975 (2)

Fortunately for us, we got the chance to explore their kitchen and see first hand on how the gelato was being made. Can you believe you can easily create one by just 3 simple steps? Crazy!

First is to cook the ice cream base in the pasteurizer then churn the gelato by placing it inside the Carpigiani machine and lastly freeze the gelato overnight or just eat it straight away!

IMG_4990 (2)

IMG_4997 (2)

IMG_5017 (2)

Aside from the Gelato, we also got to see how sorbet was made. Mango sorbet to be exact. With only the fresh mango, sugar, water and the absence of milk, this is perfect for those lactose tolerant.

IMG_5020 (2)

IMG_5028 (2)

This is probably the best mango sorbet I have tasted in a while! It just like mango but served cold and more creamier in texture.

IMG_5050 (2)

We also got the change to taste another freshly made gelato that isn’t still out on the market. Yummy!! If only I have a Carpigiani machine at home, I would definitely experiment with different flavors with it!

IMG_5074 (2)

IMG_5071 (2)

IMG_5042 (3)

Shoutout to Ms Tess Songco of Giardino Gelato for sharing her knowledge and passion on Gelato. I personally learned a lot!

IMG_4964 (2)

Giardino Gelato in Cebu is located on the Upper Ground Floor of SM Seaside City Cebu.
Visit their Instagram Page here for more updates.


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