Mövenpick’s 70 Years of Culinary Excellence

Celebrating Mövenpick’s 70 years of culinary excellence at Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu.

I am privileged enough to experience another Mövenpick Culinary Excellence and this year marks their 70th year in the culinary industry. In line with this celebration, they introduced seven extraordinary dishes that is available from March 10 until April 20, 2018 at Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu (and any other Mövenpick Hotels around the world). This is to pay tribute to Ueli Prager who found the brand Mövenpick in 1948. He redefined the European restaurant scene and paved the way for a new style of modern hospitality, based on a simple premise: ‘doing normal things in an extraordinary manner’.

IMG_3459 (2)

“Mövenpick’s story is astonishing, founded on a commitment to service, authenticity, culinary excellence and innovation, and in 2018 we celebrate these values and our rich heritage in the way we know best – by treating our guests around the world to an inspiring gastronomic experience,” said Olivier Chavy.

IMG_3462 (2)

Be prepared for a culinary journey inspired by cuisines and gastronomy trends from around the world as they reimagine menu favourites, including some of our most popular “signature dishes”, to please your palate in new and exciting ways.

IMG_3495 (2)

Scallops & avocado tartare 

A reinvention of Mövenpick’s popular beef tartare, influenced by Mediterranean cuisine

IMG_3513 (2)

salade belle fermière 

A lively interpretation of Salade François, made famous in the 1948 American musical film, “Easter Parade”

IMG_3477 (2)

mushrooms and vegetables Zurich style

A meat-free version of Zurich-style veal that pairs aromatic root vegetables and smoky Shitake mushrooms

IMG_3504 (2)

mille feuille saumon & caviar d’olive

A savoury take combining delicate smoked salmon, puff pastry and golden olive caviar

IMG_3520 (3)

seafood Casimir

A medley of steamed seafood, fish and salicornia (sea asparagus), and an assortment of citrus fillets, paired with wild rice

IMG_3527 (2)

bare beef burger Café de Paris

A prime beef cut paired with crispy ultra-thin parmesan-dusted fries.

IMG_3537 (2)

carrot waffle

A quirky reinterpretation of classic Swiss carrot cake. The waffle was a bit crunchy which I liked. Topped with Movenpick vanilla ice cream.

IMG_3541 (2)

And what a way to cap of the night by dropping by the famous Ibiza Beach Club at Movepick Mactan Island Cebu. A little partying wont hurt!

IMG_3560 (2)

That’s it! I do really hope you can visit on or before April 20th so you too can experience what I just experienced with those unique and very delicious dishes. If you want to read all about last year’s culinary event, you can read more of that here.

“The ‘70 years of culinary excellence’ promotion is a fitting tribute to Ueli Prager who was truly ahead of his time when he founded our company, and we continue to build on his legacy with experimental cuisine and new concepts that keep his original vision in mind – doing normal things in an extraordinary manner.”

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