Choi Hung Estate | Hong Kong

Finally been to one of the most Instagramed place in Hong Kong – Choi Hung Estate!

It was our second day in Hong Kong and we literally scheduled this day to go sight seeing around the city. Since lately, I have been seeing people on social media (in Instagram mostly) at this basketball court with a cute colorful residential building as its backdrop that I myself wanted to check it out.

2018-03-14 05.04.44 1

We arrived at the place around 10 in the morning and there’s not so much people than I expected it to be which was good! So happy there are less people so that we won’t be having a hard time taking photos. haha! I am just here for photos tbh but its also nice to see this part of Hong Kong and I’m glad I am not with my family this time because they may not enjoy it as much as we millennials. LOL

2018-03-14 05.06.19 2

2018-03-14 05.06.18 1

2018-03-14 05.06.19 1


Top : Uniqlo (men’s section) | Inner polo : Regatta | Pants: ForMe | Shoes: Converse | Bag: Parfois

2018-03-14 05.06.21 1

2018-03-14 05.06.21 2


Shoutout to my boyf for taking all my photos during this trip! yas!

2018-03-14 05.03.45 1

2018-03-14 05.06.12 1

2018-03-14 05.06.14 2

Offered these girls to take their photos! Told them to do the peace sign and they did haha! So adorable!


Make your way to Choi Hung Station via MTR. Exit C4 and upon reaching the end of the tunnel, make a left. After a few steps, you will find a car park at around 45 degrees on your left. Go there and go up the stairs then you’ll find yourself at the basketball court. (see map below for virtual guide)

Try to go during weekdays and in the morning or during lunch break where students usually take their lunch. It is a basketball court after all so expect students to be around playing sports.

Hope that helps! It is very easy to locate tbh. I’ve read other blog post about how they are having a hard time locating the area but I for me, I did my research beforehand so that I won’t waste so much time trying to find it. Let me know in the comment section if this is helpful enough! I would love to know.


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