Fall Colors


In our country, we are not fortunate to have all the four season but who says we can’t be inspired to dress up like we have fall season in the Philippines, right? Some say that we’re lucky to have tropical weather all year round (which I do agree too) but really, there are just some days that we wish for a miracle and experience cold weather in our country.


It is currently rainy season and it is just these days that we get to take advantage and try our best to look good in layers and cute sweaters in our outfit but still trying to consider the unpredictable weather and the humidity that it brings. In today’s outfit post, I am trying to achieve that fall look that is still appropriate for the current Philippine weather and below are a few things I’ve considered.

Fall colors

Play with Color

Pulling off a fall look in a country that is humid and tropical like the Philippines is really not easy. Well it is unless you don’t mind sweating in public. LOL But really, what does the trick is playing with colors. Think of maroon, mustard and army green.


Fabric Used

Since we’re talking about Philippine weather, we should (as much as possible) avoid wearing fabrics that are thick and those air-trapping fabrics (e.g wool, leather, tweed and different types of knits). Instead, what we do is we layer summer pieces that uses light and are breatheable fabrics like cotton, tropical wool and linen.


Find Balance

Like what I did in this outfit, I opted for shorts rather than wearing trousers. Since the blazer I have on top already kept me warm, I wanted my lower body to be able to breathe. Also for the entire outfit not to look too formal but casual.





PicMonkey CollageUntitled

Finished the look with some accessories. A few of these items are actually included in my last month’s favorites. You may read more on that here.



Zara Trafaluc stripe top | Stradivarius blazer| H&M shorts | Personalizeed (on IG) arrow necklace | Bershka Bag | Bag Handle Wraps from OhMyBagPH | Korea find Loafers

If I were to choose on which season I like the most, it would probably be Fall season. How about you? Let me know in the comment section below!

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