Travel Diaries: Siargao Island Hopping Experience!

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Island hopping in Siargao was definitely the highlight of our trip! Planning to go island hopping was really just an option for us and wasn’t really aiming to making it happen because based on my research prior to our trip, renting a boat would cost us alot of money (especially since its just the two of us) but NO! I mean I can’t lie. It’s really not super cheap to go island hopping but I’m sure you will get your money’s worth! Read on as I share to you my experience and also my list of expenses to serve as your guide if you are planning to visit the island anytime soon!

Like I said, going island hopping would cost you so much from renting a “bangka” for about PHP3,000 ($64) and that is so much money for just the two of us. But again, the wanderlust in me couldn’t resist because I really want to visit these wonderful islands (that are btw, very viral over the internet) to see and experience it myself and since we are already there in Siargao, why not grab the chance rather than waiting for the next time we’ll be there, right?

So a day before, after our visit at Magpupungko Tidal Pool (more on that soon), we went to this beach/docking area near General Luna Public market. Once you’ll arrive there, you will be greeted with local boatman offering you to go island hopping. This boatman approached us and ask if we are interested, I replied “how much” and then he offered a fair deal. So we were, “Okay Kuya, where can we find you tomorrow?”. He pointed at the store in the corner and said we can go directly there the next morning and just ask for his name.

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The next morning we were up early, took a quick #OOTD shots, had breakfast and when straight back to the place where we could find Kuya. We arrived there and asked, “Is TaTa here?”. After a few minutes, the lady returned with a sad news saying TaTa wont be home until the afternoon because he have to be at the hospital to look after her mother. We were kinda bummed hearing that but no worries, we completely understand his situation. After that another boatman noticed us and approached asking the same question, “Island hopping, Ma’am?”. I said yes and asked how much he offers to rent his boat. I forgot how much he offered us but I was sure it was hella too much for us, so he then asked if it were just the two of us, after saying yes he then offered us 3 islands for Php1,000. I imagine it as 500 per person so it was a deal!

IMG_5850 (2)
General Luna Public Market

It is a whole day activity so as what the internet and the locals suggested, you have to buy raw meat (and some rice, water and fruits, whatever you want to have) from the public market for lunch later on. It should be enough for you and your companion including the driver of the bangka. The locals at Daku Island are very much willing to have it cooked for you for a fee.

IMG_5845 (2)

After that you are very much ready for an adventure!

DSCF8946 (2)


This is one out of the three islands that we are visiting. There is nothing much in this island but just pure white sand. Unfortunately no naked people in this island if that’s what you’re expecting. LOL

DSCF8958 (2)IMG_5902 (2)

We arrived at Naked Island at the right time. It was just the two of us so we got to own the place for a good 30mins until another bangka arrived.

IMG_5891 (2)DSCF8964 (2)DSCF8967 (2)IMG_5978 (2)

We enjoyed swimming and taking photos for almost an hour before we proceed to the next island.

IMG_5972 (2)

Next stop: Daku Island!

It is called Daku for a reason. Daku/Dako in bisaya means “big” and it sure is one big island. There is actually a small community that lives in the island. This is also where you can have your food cooked by local fishermen for lunch.

DSCF8979 (2)

Here you can rent a day use cottage for around 200-250 pesos, a table for 150 pesos or even an overnight stay for around 700 pesos. May change without prior notice.

DSCF8984 (2)DSCF8973 (2)DSCF8988 (2)

We only brought enough food for the both of us and for the boatman. We had it cooked there for a fee of 100 pesos. We had pork chops and a kilo of rice for lunch so its a fare fee for me. I think the cooking fee depends on how much food you’ll have them cook.

DSCF8991 (2)DSCF8992 (2)DSCF8995 (2)DSCF9002 (2)

After we had our lunch we directly went beach bumming! We walked to the other side of the island and it was surreal! The view and the crystal clear waters are so beautiful! Daku Island sure has the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to! Let the photos speak for themselves!

DSCF9006 (2)DSCF9023 (2)DSCF9025 (2)DSCF9095 (2)DSCF9107 (2)IMG_6007 (2)

This is sure where i got my Siargao tan! I was soaking up the sun for a good couple of hours before i realized that i didn’t have any sunblock on because clumsy me forgot to bring one during this trip! 😦

DSCF9118 (2)

Time to leave this beautiful island and on to the..

DSCF9123 (2)

Last Stop: Guyam Island!

The last stop of the three islands we visited was Guyam Island. From afar you can already tell that it is just a small island full of coconut trees and some beach almond. A perfect place to just sit down and relax.

DSCF9129 (2)DSCF9136 (2)DSCF9137 (2)

Our sweet ride!

DSCF9161 (2)DSCF9167 (2)DSCF9172 (2)

We walked through the island and discovered this side of Guyam. Such a breathtaking view! I’ve never seen anything like this before.

DSCF9184 (2)

IMG_6019DSCF9213 (2)DSCF9215 (2)

After the I took the photo above, i kept everything in my waterproof bag and just joined Joma enjoying the beach! We waited for the sun to set and head off back to General Luna.

Here are our list of expenses during this trip:

1000php – boat rental
150php – snorking gear rental
190php – pork chops
50php – 1kilo of rice
50php – drinking water
100php – boatman tip
10php/head –  entrance fee at Guyam Island

At Daku Island:
100php – docking fee
150php – table rent
30php – charcoal for cooking
100php – cooking fee
45php – 1L coke

We spent almost 2k for Island Hopping and all i can say is it was ALL WORTH IT! If you are having second thoughts and is still not convinced after all the photos I showed you then I don’t know what will. You will surely regret not doing so. Anyway, I hope this post will be helpful for you and may this post serve as a guide if you are planning to visit Siargao soon! If you’re are travelling on a budget, travelling in groups will always help you minimize your expenses, that way you can share the expenses and not having to spend much on all your activities like Island Hopping.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: Siargao Island Hopping Experience!

  1. Me and my friends will go to Siargao next week. Do you still have the number of the boatman you hired?Your photos are awesome.

    1. Hi Thea! Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to grab the boat man’s number 😦 but i’m sure you wont be having a hard time looking for one! Just make sure to head to General Luna beach near the public market. Hope you and your friends will have a great time in Siargao! 🙂

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