Photo Diaries: The Boardwalk at Cloud 9 | Siargao Island

DSCF9382 (2)

Finally!! Working on some long overdue travel posts! I know I know these posts are piling up and I haven’t even finished sharing to you my trip to Sagada last December but I am starting to organize my photos so hopefully I could share them here on the blog one post at a time! Anyway, on to my main post. Let me take you around southeast of the Philippines to the famous Boardwalk at Cloud 9, Siargao Island!

It was our last day in Siargao when these photos are taken. Although this is not the 1st time we went to Cloud 9 during our trip but I wanted to take decent photos of the place without all of the people around. So I told Joma (my bf) the night before our last day if we could wake up early to go see the boardwalk and of course watch the sunrise there.

DSCF9375 (2)

It was about 5am+ when I woke up. It was a bit too late and the sun already started to rise.
(Photo above taken outside of the place where we stayed)

We immediately hop on to our motor bike and went to Cloud 9!

DSCF9379 (2)

We parked our motor bike and walk towards the boardwalk. Don’t you just love the view?

DSCF9383 (2)DSCF9426 (2)

Photo op! I love how the place is so empty compared to the 1st time we came here. No people. Just me, him and the sound of the waves crashing.

DSCF9431 (2)DSCF9439 (2)DSCF9440 (2)DSCF9449 (2)DSCF9457DSCF9459 (2)

We then walk towards the viewpoint of the boardwalk. Went straight up on the 3rd level.

DSCF9465 (2)

We had the place all to ourselves and that is the perks of walking up early. My friends know that I am totally not a morning person but I really don’t mind waking up early everyday for a view like this!

DSCF9471 (2)DSCF9468 (2)DSCF9474 (2)DSCF9469 (2)DSCF9480 (2)DSCF9486 (2)DSCF9490 (2)

View from the 2nd level of the viewpoint.

DSCF9494 (2)

This one’s from the 1st level.

DSCF9496 (2)DSCF9505 (2)DSCF9509 (2)

#OOTD : H&M Cropped top, AllThingsPretty Shop floral shorts (@allthingspretty on IG) | Havaianas flipflops | Native Bag from Gaisano Grand Mall

DSCF9512 (2)DSCF9514 (2)DSCF9521 (2)DSCF9540 (2)DSCF9550 (2)DSCF9554 (2)DSCF9566 (2)DSCF9567 (2)DSCF9569 (2)

So how to get there? 

If your have google map with you then you won’t have a problem! But for those who doesn’t have, I suggest you first do a bit of research before your travel date so you could at least imagine or have an outlook on what to expect of the place. I tell you the main destination of Siargao which is at General Luna is very easy to navigate. If you are staying at around GL (which you probably would) then you are not far from the Cloud 9 where the boardwalk is located.

DSCF9572 (2)

From General Luna’s public market to the main road, you will notice the sign above that says “Cloud 9 surfing area”. From this point, you will just go straight ahead to where the arrow leads. Around 5-10 minutes (depending on your speed) and you will reach this block (photo below). You will then turn right when you see that “Sagada Resort” sign.

DSCF9571 (2)

If you are not good with direction, the easiest  way to get there is to ASK. There is definitely no harm in asking. Hehe

DSCF9570 (2)

There are a couple surf shops in the area (also a few on the left side of this street) and all of then have good local instructors.

DSCF8781 (2)

You will then reach the starting point of the boardwalk and I’m sure you wont miss this sign of Cafe Loka. These photos are taken the first time we went to Cloud 9.

DSCF8777 (2)DSCF8779 (2)

Obligatory selfie on our 1st visit!

There isn’t so much surfers surfing at Cloud 9 during our visit since it was off season. Our visit was on the last week of April 2016. Surfing season is around the “ber” months where the waves are much more stronger and i believe the surfing competition will be held this upcoming September.

Anyway, hope you enjoy my photos and stay tuned as I will be sharing more of our trip soon! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Photo Diaries: The Boardwalk at Cloud 9 | Siargao Island

  1. Another Siargao post, omg. I’ve been dreaming to go there one day, it’s too magical. No wonder why leagoeson fell in love with the place.

  2. Hi Keise! I enjoyed reading this article and your photos are really stunning. Just found out you’re from Cebu pud diay. I love how you put your blog together ❤ Hope to hear from you very soon! 🙂

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