Sabores De España: Viva Madrid! at Cafe Marco

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Another culinary journey awaits as Marco Polo Plaza Cebu’s Cafe Marco celebrates its annual Sabores De España: Viva Madrid! that will feature a delectable spread of Spanish dishes. All these are available for lunch and dinner on top of Cafe Marco’s International Buffet selection from April 1-10, 2016.

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And what is Spanish without liqueur! We got the chance to taste 3 of the beer cocktails they are serving. I had to say Melon Beer was my fave!

DSCF8232 (2)

Mai-Cerveza (a mixture of beer and rhum with atouch of almond liqueur)
Melon Beer (a blemd of beer and watermelon juice with a touch of melon liqueur)
Cerveza Rojo (a combination of beer and tomato juice with a dash of homemade hot sauce)

DSCF8339 (2)

You can never get away with liqueur when it comes to Spanish drinks, even their coffee has liqueur content in it! I never knew!

DSCF8271 (2)

There are many variations of Spanish Coffee but this “Flaming Spanish Coffee” is the famous style of coffee they have. Prepared in a very unique way,  I sure did enjoy my cup of Flaming Spanish Coffee!

DSCF8333 (2)

And of course lets not forget the wide selection of Spanish dishes that will be served in this month’s Culinary Journey headed by Cebu’s authority on Spanish Cuisine, Ms. Gema Pido.

Here are some photos:

DSCF8302 (2)

Callos a la Madrilena (Stewed Oc Tripe in Savory Tartlets)

DSCF8304 (2)

Robo de Toro

DSCF8299 (2)

Croquetas de Bacalao (Fish Croquesttes)

DSCF8284 (2)

Tortilla de Patatas (Potato Omelet)

DSCF8291 (2)

Vole Vents con Chorizo (Vole Vents with Chorizo)

DSCF8287 (2)

Vole Vents con Gambas (Vole Vents with Shrimps)

DSCF8321 (2)

Torta de Melocoton en Arnibal (Peaches Upside Down Cake)

DSCF8313 (2)

Turron de Almandras (Almond Nougat)

DSCF8318 (2)

Chocolate Almond Cocher

DSCF8278 (2)

Spanish Flaming Coffee

DSCF8330 (2)

Last and not the least is this perfectly sliced of Jamon Serrano!

DSCF8259 (2)

Again, Thank you Marco Polo Plaza Cebu for giving me the chance to experience what the Spain has to offer when it comes to food! Now I think I need a glass of Melon Beer! Anyone? hehe

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