Sexy Has A New Home: Marie France in Cebu!

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When it comes to proven effective non-invasive slimming, there is only one trusted name: Marie France. As the pioneer of non-invasive slimming in the Philippines, Marie France has given countless women the slimmer, sexier, healthier bodies they want without pain, strain, hunger, or surgery. Supervised by doctors, nutritionists, and slimming consultants, Marie France’s weight-loss programs are personalized for each client to guarantee that she attains the body and shape she’s always wanted.

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Clocking 30 successful years in the industry, Marie France continues to aim for bigger, grander things, one of which is their recent move to a brand-new Cebu centre location.

Located on the 8th floor of the 2QUAD Building, Cardinal Rosales Avenue in Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, this new centre comes with the same advanced weight-loss and body-shaping treatments and proven slimming programs that Marie France clients have come to expect from them.

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As one of the first few people to visit their new location, I got to try their services myself and the first thing I noticed as i was filling up some info sheet and while waiting for my turn for the consultation in the lobby, was how clean and inviting the place was.

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I was accompanied to my room by their friendly staff, Monica and saw this! So sweet of them!

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I was given two treatments during my visit, first was the VelaContour – which is proven to diminish the appearance of dimply, cottage cheese-like cellulite and refine curves. I had that treatment on both arms. Second was the Physique Inch-Loss treatment which I had on my upper body – this 15 minute treatment session is actually equivalent of doing 225 sit-ups with less stress and pain! Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation builds, tones and strengthens muscles in the abdomen, flanks and back. The result – firmer, slimmer tummy and thighs! You can have it either on the upper part of the body or the lower part. 

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Physique Inch-Loss Machine and VelaContour Machine

The centre also has the latest in slimming technology, like the newest upgrade of the highly successful TriPollar treatment: the TriPollar Legend which is now more efficient in targeting resistant fat and firming up flabby skin. Its TriLipo technology works simultaneously on fat, skin, and muscle. This triple action results in non-invasive fat reduction, immediate skin tightening, and long-term body shaping. Also, Endermologie+ which delivers significant inch-loss in just a few sessions.

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Please excuse my post treatment selfie. LOL

Not only did Marie France move to this new location but also its sister companies, Facial Care Centre and Svenson.



Facial Care Centre, the leading and most trusted name in premium, advanced and effective skincare has remained true to its commitment of providing the latest breakthroughs in skincare that can help women achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful, and younger-looking skin at any age. Every client receives a personalized skincare program from their highly-trained and experienced dermatologists and consultants to address major skin concerns such as wrinkles, dark spots, dullness, and acne. Yet treating aging and distressed skin isn’t the only thing they do best. They give more by offering a superior relaxing experience that doesn’t just rejuvenate skin but soothes the senses as well.

For Facial Care inquires you may call 233-7631 and have your FREE consultation.

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For Facial Care inquires you may call 233-7631 and have your FREE consultation.

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Svenson, the leading anti-hairloss expert provides scientifically advanced hairloss solutions for men and women. With its team of hair and scalp experts, Svenson continues to be the tried, tested, and trusted choice when it comes to treating hair and scalp problems with correct diagnosis and proven effective treatments.

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Find out what Svenson can do for your hair. Call 234-0851 for your no-cost consultation today.

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Once again, Thank you Marie France for having us! Jean and I had a great time and we cant wait to go back and have our facials done by Facial Care Centre on our next visit!

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To know more about Marie France’s treatments
or to get started on your slimming journey, call 233-7637.

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