Lace on Lace


What’s up? I bet some of you are still busy from school taking midterms exam or probably at work right now but happily for me, I am now free for the rest of the week! Well hmm not really cz  I still have an exam on Monday next week (which I still have more time to study… or not lol) but I only had 2 exams for this week which was both on Tuesday (yesterday) so basically I’m done for this week! *insert happy dance* Continue reading “Lace on Lace”

Basic Twist

Times flies so fast, don’t you think? It was just not so long ago when I welcome you guys for the month of July and now it’s already August! This only means one thing : midterms are coming up real soon and I’m obviously not excited about it! But on the bright side, our school’s foundation week is also coming up (which means a week of free time for me! yey!) and of course, boyfie’s birthday!! We’re not planning on anything bongga this time though, maybe a simple dinner date or a mini celebration will do. Well see! 😉 (If you have any suggestions on where to dine in Cebu on this special day please please don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below, I will be happy to hear from you!)

I’ve been very busy last week (which explains the delay of blog post) cz you know, my parents are not in town so it is me who will be running errands especially paying billssss (with alot of s!) during this time of the month.
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Sunday Stroll

sunday stroll

As to my outfit post for today, I’m sharing to you what I wore on a family day last Sunday. Since we will be attending mass on the afternoon, I decided to wear a church appropriate outfit, therefore, PANTS! lol I like this particular kind of pants because Continue reading “Sunday Stroll”



I wore this a couple of weeks back when we had a movie date with ze boyfriend on a Friday, hence, the title (cause really I cannot think of any lol). We all know a cinema tends to get chilly especially with a 2 hours and 50 mins movie like Transformers, so I wanna wear something that fits both the chilliness from the cinema and the hot weather from the outside so I decided to wear this favorite checkered polo I got from Terranova to keep me warm, denim shorts and sporting my Vans sneakers I got from my visit to Taiwan 2 months ago. Favorite polo because  Continue reading “Transformers”