I wore this a couple of weeks back when we had a movie date with ze boyfriend on a Friday, hence, the title (cause really I cannot think of any lol). We all know a cinema tends to get chilly especially with a 2 hours and 50 mins movie like Transformers, so I wanna wear something that fits both the chilliness from the cinema and the hot weather from the outside so I decided to wear this favorite checkered polo I got from Terranova to keep me warm, denim shorts and sporting my Vans sneakers I got from my visit to Taiwan 2 months ago. Favorite polo because I’ve used this so many times already and I never get tired of it! Feeling the skater girl vibe in this outfit except that I don’t have a skateboard and even if I do, I would probably just use it as a decor in my room or something, unless someone is kind enough to teach me! 🙂

What do you think?

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Top : Checkered polo from Terranova  |  Shorts : Oniell (thrifted) | Bag : Black Leather sling/shoulder bag I got from Korea Shoes : Vans I got from Taiwan | Socks : cute polka dots with red ribbon socks from Taiwan

 I don’t know about you but based from my experience in my previous travels (which is on a spring and winter season) I noticed I don’t really get affected with the coldness around my legs rather than on my feet and upper body! but way opposite when I go to sleep! So weird! Anyway, that explains why I wore shorts 🙂 In case you’re wondering hehe

How about you?

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